Phooey on the Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Before I begin ripping this pork to shreds, I’ll let a politician make his case:

Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Here’s the article

First impression: Sounds like a terrific excuse to jack up farmers — and consumers — for yet another costly program which, if they needed, they would have developed themselves long, long ago and at far cheaper cost. Oh, wait… They have! Read on:

Senator Bennett: Please STOP treating Americans as if we were helpless children.

As for your “plan,” it’s nothing more than a pathway towards overriding our country with alien invaders:
“…the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which would:

A. reform our inefficient guest worker program

B. provide visas for our current workers

C. give undocumented farm hands a long-awaited pathway to citizenship”

The article should have been more precise: legitimize ILLEGAL ALIENS. That is, after all, what “giving undocumented farm hands a long-awaited pathway to citizenship” actually means, so why didn’t you just say so? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO HIDE? And yes, “illegal alien” is their official designation under federal law. I’m sure criminals and murderers are “offended” when they’re called “criminals” and “murderers,” too.

Well, heck, Senator – why stop there? Let’s give murderers and other felons their long-awaited pathways towards early release? After all, that’s precisely what liberals did with many violent criminals under Covid! Yes, and with DISASTROUS results, including crimes, violent crimes, and murders being committed by many of those who were released.

My only remaining question is this: What in blue blazes makes you think this similarly very ill-advised program would be any different?

The CRUX of the problem (the root problem, the underlying foundation which, if fix, would ACTUALLY solve the problem) is that Americans have been sold a bill of goods, namely, that college is the only way to get by in this world. Since the 1950s, radio and TV have painted “the good life,” where everyone would be able to work 7 to 3, live in Main Street in a house with a white picket fence because they were all college grads working well-paying jobs requiring degrees. And yet, just what percentage of jobs in America actually require college degrees? Even as we speak, HR departments are revamping themselves, placing less emphasis on degrees and certifications and more emphasis on actual, verifiable job skills.

Here’s the solution: Bring vocational training back to high schools, in force. Stop denying kids their RIGHT to work. I started mowing laws and trimming bushes in the third grade. By seventh grade I was digging and moving dirt, and a lot of it. Paper route in the eighth and ninth grades, in high school I worked for a department store and slung burgers — all which still mowing lawns, trimming bushes, and because I was then living in the North, shoveling snow.

The singular problem with those who’ve spent most of their lives in public service is that they LACK UNDERSTANDING. They have little real-world experience. They come up with one idea after another, yet without the hands-on experience, they lack the in-depth ability to understand both how and why their ideas would be bad. People with experience and education can start poking holes in it in seconds, yet inexperienced politicians continue to push every unfounded idea they have as if they’re God’s gift to the world…

Let’s take the first one, which you obviously think is spotless: “Reform our inefficient guest worker program.”

No doubt you’ll want the government scheduling which workers go work at which farms, huh? So, if one farm falls behind in paying their taxes, “No workers for them!” Naturally, when they fold, the government takes over the farm and gives it to foreigners, non-citizens. Is that it?

Here’s a thought: Since many of the ILLEGAL ALIENS pouring over the borders have cell phones, let farmers post their needs on the modern equivalent of a Ride Sharing Board. That way… Oh, wait! IT’S ALREADY HERE!
Yeah, those farmers… Leave it to them to figure out ways of solving problems long before the government gets around to sticking their nose into the matter.

I read through the Fort Morgan Times article in detail, Senator Bennett, and I have one question for you: Who stands to benefit the most from the Farm Workforce Modernization Act? Farmers? I very seriously doubt that, and if they’re not benefiting, you can bet they’ll be passing increased prices on to consumers the same as we’re now paying upwards of 50% more for gas today than we were on January 1, 2021. I suspect that Cathy Shull. the executive director of Pro15, others who will inevitably be chosen to “administrate” this program, along with you and other politicians, will be the ONLY ones who actually benefit.

If you REALLY want to help, create a FARM WORK FORUM on which both farm-owners and workers can post their profiles. No managers. No employees. Just a tech-savvy government employee who knows how to do things right.

If both agree, online, to a seasonal work relationship, then the US government grants them an immediate but temporary visa, pays the bus ticket, and the farmer is staked for the cost to be repaid within 24 months — if the worker shows up. No-shows are written off, but are then treated — as the illegal aliens they are.

Bottom Line: America does NOT need an Act to create such an online match-up. If it were viable, someone would have done so long ago. After all, the Internet has been around now for more than 25 years. I suspect that several have tried, but it never caught on, and the reason it never caught on is that it’s not really useful, certainly no more useful than would be Item A of your Farm Workforce Modernization Act.

As for Items B and C, well, that’s just pure Demoncrap agenda.