Perhaps you SHOULD be Ashamed!

Article: Shaming of the unvaccinated intensifies, some say, as push to inoculate grows

Excerpt: “If it was so effective, why do the people that already have the vaccine still fear someone who does not choose to get it.”

First, it is indeed effective. Just not 100% effective. While 95% effective is quite good, some people are at a high risk of mortality should they contract Covid-19.

Second, using the word “fear” is a pejorative. I do not fear death. I most certainly am, however, a cautious individual, particularly when Covid-19 has left many survivors physically injured, sometimes permanently.

Third, if the human race fails to stop this quickly, and variants spread, we will ALL have to go through this again. That would be supremely foolish, so perhaps the selfish who refuse to get vaccinated to help extinguish this global blight SHOULD be ashamed.

REMEMBER: Covid-19 is 4,850 times more deadly than the vaccination, and 43,000 times more injurious than the vaccination, so I’m going to throw the ball back in the court of the anti-vaxxers: Why are YOU so afraid when the stats are RESOUNDINGLY in favor of being vaccinated?

A recent post in response to the typical anti-masker and anti-vaxxer claims:

You’re missing the point: A vaccine that is 95% effective reduces your projected mortality rate by 20x. Right now, across the board, Covid-19 is 26.6 times more deadly than the seasonal flu. The vaccine reduces that to only slightly more deadly than the seasonal flu. Instead of another 1.5 million people dying, it means only another 75k will die. So, one Vietnam’s worth instead of 20 Vietnam’s worth.

But HEY! Not wearing a mask is more important to you than 1.5 million Americans, huh?As for safety, the vaccine is 4,850 times SAFER than contracting COVID-19 in terms of mortality, and 43,000 times safer in terms of injury.

But HEY! You don’t believe in all that science crap, do you? Foot-loose, fancy free, just you and wind……and another 1.5 MILLION DEAD AMERICANS if you had your way, right?


Why don’t you go peddle your misguided, misinformed ignorance to the aliens living on the backside of the Moon.

Updated: April 12, 2021 — 1:07 am