Pelosi’s “Leverage” Will Cost Every American $500+ Per Year

Who the HELL does Nancy Pelosi think she is?

Seriously: This anti-American TRAITOR wants to give “leverage” to CRIMINALS.  So WHO pays for this TRILLION DOLLAR price tag?
YOU DO, every 6 years.
The annual net cost of illegal immigration in our country ranges between $117 billion and and $297 billion, depending on who does the study, how objective they can be, and their financial and economic analytical skills. I’ve seen some people try to tear down President Trump’s $300 billion claim using nothing but rhetoric i.e. clearly no actual analytical skills at all, whereas the smallest truly objective but most critical figure I’ve seen that was well supported was $135 billion.
Weighting the various estimates with points for their skill, thoroughness, and the veracity of their analysis, my meta-estimate is that illegal immigrants cost the United States of America approximately $171 billion each year, NET. This figure includes all gross costs, less unrecoverable costs, and net contributions involved.
$171 BILLION NET comes to $529 burden paid by each and every man, woman, and child in our nation.
However, a similar meta-study involving the costs to build, maintain, and patrol Trump’s wall hover around just $15 billion a year, less than 10% than the cost of illegal immigration.
Even if it costs $25 billion, the absolute skyrocket highest estimate I’ve seen, it’s got a payback period of LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. That’s an absolute STEAL.
While we’re at it, let’s take criminals like Nancy Pelosi, whose efforts cost each American thousands of dollars a year, and put her on the other side of it, if not a significantly more secure wall specially reserved for criminals in places like Leavenworth and the Ultra Max prison in Florence, CO.

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