Earth’s Near and Not-So-Near Asteroid Miss!

Last night, the news announced we’d have a close encounter with an asteroid about half an hour from now.  As it turns out, not one, but TWO asteroids were heading towards Earth, and one of them has already Russia!  The other is still headed this way. Here’s essentially what’s happening: Asteroids often clump together due […]

Are Executive Orders Law? A Case Study on the Limitations of Presidential Powers and Authority

The Short Answer No, they are not in and of themselves law. The Middle Answer Executive Orders may carry the “weight of law,” but only insofar as: 1.  They’re directed to a department or other government entity under the Constitutional authority of the President of the United States of America… and 2.  The orders themselves […]

Open Carry for Demonstration Purposes, Yet…

Youtube is rife with various pro-2A activists who open carry firearms as much for show, defiance, or antagonism as the rest of do for self-defense.  I’d like to show you one such video, which I think is better than most.  However, I would also like to add the following comments.  Feel free to review the […]

A Sensible Plan Towards Armed Teachers

Armed Teacher

20190526 Update:  This plan is not associated with either Laura Carno or FASTER.  I began this thread on February 4, 2013, about a month and a half after the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting.  I only learned about Carno’s efforts earlier this evening.  I will defer all further commentary until after I’ve […]

We Are Lost

I don’t buy it either.  Not by a long shot.  When these things keep happening to the 0.001%, something is either horribly wrong or the idiots in power can’t figure our how to cover their tracks.  And if they don’t think we have a clue, the clue has already been disseminated six ways to Sunday. […]

The Face of Widespread Human Extermination Under Socialism

State-sponsored socialism has many names.  Regardless of whether you call it Naziism, fascism, Leninism, Marxism, communism, Islamism, or Obamaism, they all have a huge downside:  Human extermination i.e Genocide.  It follows a three-step pattern: 1.  Registration – identifies those who will soon be disarmed. 2.  Disarm the people so they can’t resist the armed police […]