NASA Scientists Say CO2 Not the Cause of Temperature Cycles of the last 700,000 years

I recently came across a report made by a group of retired NASA Scientists.  They pooled their outstanding credentials, education, and experience, reexamined the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) argument in great detail, including fielding speakers from both sides of the argument, and determined the evidence suggests CO2 fluctuations over the last 700 thousands years have […]

The United States of America is a Christian Nation

The United States of America is a Christian nation. Despite the massive media attempts to cloud our minds, I’ve read many of the tens of thousands of letters and speeches our Founding Fathers penned before, during, and well after the American Revolution. They made it abundantly clear the United States of America is most certainly […]

Pacivism vs Agression

Throughout human history, both pacifism and aggression have failed for myriads of reasons.  Rather than delving into those reasons here, let’s employ a brief view of what happens in any aggressive situation: Everyone is going about their business peaceably.  Bully tries to exert his influence.  Response 1:  Give way to the bully.  Result:  Encouraged bully […]

Guns Beat Psychotropic Drugs by 37,926 to 1

Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last thirty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings, all share one thing in common, and its not the weapons used. MASS SHOOTING FACT: The overwhelming evidence suggests the single largest common factor in all of these incidents is that all of the perpetrators were either […]

Recycle? Sure, I recycle…

Recycle? Sure, I recycle. In LANDFILLS. That way, 500 million years from now, when whatever massive ocean follows Iapetus, surrounding whatever massive supercontinent follows Pangaea, finally pops up, 100% of mankind’s garbage will have been subjected to somewhere between 1300 °F to 2400 °F in molten magma, and will thus have been restored to it’s […]

The Real State of The Union

Obama is systematically derailing the United States of America, commensurate with what his mentors taught him concerning Cloward-Pliven, in order to destroy our economy and force a change to socialism/communism, if not that mixed with or eventually replaced by Sharia law.  His ENTIRE background absolutely screams this.  His selection of several dozen czars, most of […]