CONVERT OR DIE.  That’s the short answer. The long answer is that mainstream media tried to pull the wool over America’s eyes yet again.  Every one  of them ran a story or held an interview with some “expert” who said the culprits were either “white supremacists,” “right-wing extremists,” “members of some militia,” or “some fringe […]

Today Was a Shameful Day in Washington

Today was a victorious day for the American People!  The rights bestowed on us by our Creator and recognized by our Constitution were UPHELD. Yet Obama said this was a “shameful day for Washington.” For once, he got it right.  Not because they failed to uphold our Constitutional rights.  But because Obama was “visibly angry […]

I am One – We are Many

I am one.  But we are many.   I am one of thousands who have blogs very much like this one, wherein we present, in no uncertain terms, what our country is all about, what it’s not about, and the rational and factual basis behind the difference. I am one of tens of thousands who […]

The Senselessness Behind How We Treat Our Service Members

“The few of us who are brave enough to face the horrors of war while protecting our rights and freedoms should NEVER have to worry about their rights and freedoms being denied them when they return.” – Anon Soldiers often feel the weight of the world on their shoulders as they fight our war.  Can […]

New York has begun the wide-spread confiscation of firearms

Source. If New York identifies a concealed carry permit holder as someone who is on anti-anxiety medication, they are not only suspending the individual’s license, they are going to the individual’s door and forcing them to give up their firearms. Currently, gun-owners are being given a “knock option” – If they voluntarily open their door […]

The TRUTH Behind What is Going On Here in Colorado – GUN CONTROL

Earlier this year, I watched the Colorado State Legislature throw both the United States and Colorado State Constitutions out the window as they passed the most restrictive and ineffective gun control laws in the Colorado’s 137-year history.  By “watch” I mean I watched the live feed, listened to all the arguments from both sides, pro […]

Health Contract

WARNING:  This is NOT intended to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed health care physician, medical doctor, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, or personal trainer.  By reading further you are agreeing to waive any and all rights you may have under the law with respect to engaging any of the activities, exercises, or dietary […]