Obama’s ONLY Logical Hope Against Mass Shootings

Obama’s crying out loud yet again, and crying on the wrong shoulder. Obama Just Went Off on the Extreme Rise in Mass Shootings Stringent analysis reveals NO such “extreme rise” in mass shootings. Of the 64 mass shootings between 1982 and 2012, half occurred in the last third. So, there is some rise. Is that […]

Closing Forum Threads is Collective Punishment

Despite calls from experienced message forum mods and admins throughout the Internet community for more than two decades, we still see threads being closed because of the actions of one or two unsavory individuals. One moderator recently remarked, “there is someone amongst us that cannot follow the polite rules of civil discourse and who with […]

1982 Congressional Report on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The best, most thorough, in-depth, and accurate treatise on both letter and intent of the Second Amendment was the February 1982 Congressional Report on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (97th Congress, 2d Session, U.S. Gov Printing Office document 88-618 O). This document is a clear and unadulterated reflection of the wisdom of our […]

Solar Roadways – TOTALLY FUBAR

The idea behind “solar roadways” is totally FUBAR for several reasons: 1. You’re driving on costly solar panels instead of cheap road. 2. The roads point straight up, instead of being tilted towards the sun for greater efficiency. 3. You’re driving on costly solar panels instead of cheap road. 4. Solar panels mounted on roofs […]

The Art of Smart Voting – Lesser of Two Evils

When it comes to voting in national elections, everyone has their own pet theory as to how best to approach it.  Some pet theories are better than others, but most are just crap. Let’s look at the common U.S. theory of “voting for the best candidate.”  According to game theory, this approach only holds true […]

Jerk or Gentleman? How do you Open Carry?

My perspective over the last four years of open carry has only confirmed what my Father and Grandfather have been telling me for 50+ years: Act like a gentleman/professional and you’ll be treated like a gentleman/professional; act like a jerk and you’ll be treated like a jerk. This is human nature 101, people, and no […]

Grieving Fathers are NOT Credible Sources for Public Policy

Shooting victim’s father calls lawmakers “idiots” for not tightening gun control laws after Sandy Hook. FAILS to realize, understand, or comprehend: – Grieving fathers are emotionally compromised and therefore not credible sources for making public policy. – Many lawmakers did tighten gun control laws in the wake of Sandy Hook, including in both his locale […]