What is Love?

What is love?  The popular song follows with “Baby don’t hurt me,” indicating the love is the opposite of being hurt.  It defines love as a feeling.  If something feels good, it might be love.  If it feels bad, it can’t be love. There’s already a term for that, and it’s called “feelings.”  But feelings […]

Why I Don’t Live in California

“For millions of Americans a towed car can lead to a crippling spiral of stress, debt, joblessness, illness and, in many cases, incarceration.” – Source That’s the way California rolls.  They’re system doesn’t condone freedom.  They’re set up to skim the cream off the backs of their workers, and they could care less about any […]

The Comcast/Time-Warner Merger is BAD for America

Yes, Netflix caved and wound up paying Comcast not to throttle their throughput. Apparently, fighting the Comcast giant would have cost Netflix far more in terms of lost customers.  Link. Who here thinks it’s Comcast who should be throttled? Who here thinks the Comcast/Time-Warner merger is a VERY BAD idea? Who here believes such a […]

Videotaping Police – A Textbook Case

Watch this video, then ask yourself this question:  How many times did the cop lie to the videographer and violate his rights? http://youtu.be/I62JcIYA5SU Those who believe the cop was within his rights are fools, ignorant of state, federal, and Constitutional law, as well as ignorant of various court rulings. The cop was indeed polite, but […]

The Real Threat of ISIS

Here’s the ISIS Threat to the US, in 6 Sentences. Let’s keep this simple:1. Al-Qaeda carried out the deadliest attack on American soil in American history and the most devastating foreign attack against an American city since the British occupied and burned Washington during the War of 1812.  2. ISIS is far more brutal than […]

Department of Homeland Security – Reformation Is Not An Option

As clearly detailed in an hour-long news special released several years ago and featuring agents from the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA, the DHS was created to bridge the communication gap clearly identified in the failure of the CIA, FBI, and NSA to stop the 9/11 attacks. They failed to coordinate their efforts in […]

Kajieme Powell Shooting in St. Louis – DETAILS

Both the video and the audio are clear, steady, and in HD format. There’s no mistaking this one, folks. Total kudos to the videographer. Even though he’s using a cell phone, he does a fantastic job of keeping the video extremely steady for a cell phone. I spent more than 90 minutes pulling every detail […]