Two more mass shootings, 29 dead: HERE’S THE SOLUTION

The problem is NOT law-abiding citizens taking guns into the midst of large groups of people. Those who carry, about 11% of the population, do that all the time. The problem is that well-intentioned but otherwise ignorant politicians keep creating “gun-free zones” which have become a magnet for the criminally insane. Fully 89% of all […]

Banned From Facebook

I’ve been on Facebook without a ban for more than a decade. Three warning in eleven years. Four, tops. Although I constantly discuss controversial topics, I always do so in a way that’s tough, but fair. I’m not at all happy with either $90.5 billion annual drain undocumented aliens are exerting against the States or […]


We need a National Voter ID. I’m not talking about issuing 300 million additional cards to everyone in the U.S. That would be insane. I’m talking about the vehicle we already have in place in order to secure the national vote against state hijackers including non-eligible voters. I’m talking about amending the Real ID Act. […]

Media Guide to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration

FED UP with the blithering idiots in Mudstream Media who cannot spend the short amount of time required to research PROPER TERMINOLOGY, much less learn about the basic ins and outs of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration, I began putting together the following graphic in December of 2018. It was 90% in a day, but I’ve […]

How to Make Soap

Sure. I’ve made soap, the old-fashioned way: Boil three quarts (ok, make it a gallon) of ashes from a hardwood fire in two gallons of rain water for half an hour. Remove from heat. The ashes will settle. Skim the liquid lye* off the top. Set aside. Render beef fat into a half cup of […]

Is California’s Failure the Future of America?

Today’s article of interest: California – The Physical Collapse of a Social State. We are getting a first hand look at what Democrat Socialism looks like: Rampant homelessness, rampant drug use, lawlessness, elitists owning all the housing, prices so out of control that the middle class is destroyed. Unparalleled regulations and extreme taxation. The state […]