AOC, Cruz and Economics

Written in response to this article. Typical Demoncrap tactic, AOC: Dodge the question and launch personal attacks. Winning on category in a high school science fair, while technically is “holding an award from MIT,” you must put that into context, AOC. Walking around saying you “hold awards from MIT” makes it like like you did […]

Lawful Use of Deadly Force

Did you instigate the conflict? EXIT Did you in any way, shape, manner or form add to the conflict? EXIT Seriously, if you’re the antagonist, get lost. Not only do you have ZERO legal standing, you’re likely the source of the problem rather than the solution. Having watched all episodes of Supernatural, which eminently qualified […]


SIWTHEPWKWTHTD: Smart, Intelligent, Well-Trained, Highly Intelligent People Who Know What The Hell They’re Doing. No, I’m not that. Of course not. That’s Species 8472 from Star Trek, Voyager. God! Grow a brain! I’m just the guy who… God, I could write a litany. In fact, I AM going to write a litany, one against the […]

Why Mengele: Preserving History AS IS

No doubt about it, Josef Mengele was a heinous, heartless bastard. “Mengele used Auschwitz as an opportunity to continue his anthropological studies and research into heredity, using inmates for human experimentation. His medical procedures showed no consideration for the health, safety, or physical and emotional suffering of the victims.” (See References, below) However, let us please […]

Service Dogs vs Emotional Support Animals vs Pets

There seems to be MUCH confusion as to what’s what, even among investigative reporters doing the investigating and reporting: News 5 Investigates: Disability advocates want to stop fake emotional support animals Once again, KOAA, and this time, Eric Ross, you’re getting your wires crossed. It’s not “fake emotional support animals (ESA)” that are any sort […]

Illinois releasing violent, deportable felons into local communities

According to Sheriffs in Illinois, “Violent felons who had faced deportation are being released into Illinois communities” (Associated Press. (February 25, 2020). Retrieved from: Robert Guadian, director of the Chicago field office for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations, said in a statement that Illinois “put politics ahead of public safety” when it severed communication […]

A Single Picture on Wikipedia

Couple of things about this graphic 1. Microwaves contain less energy per photon than visible light. If microwaves were harmful, visible light would be really harmful. The heat from your fireplace is more harmful to you than microwaves. 5G frequencies are towards the bottom (lowest energy) of the microwaves. 2. The lowest ionization energy of […]