National Popular Vote: Grounds for Civil War

This isn’t another “why the Electoral College” video. It unveils just how MASSIVELY the NPV can skew the presidential election. In fact, 11 states control more than half of all electoral votes in the United States. Fortunately, at least two of those states, sometimes four, vote red. The NVP, however, removes natural, by-district resistance to […]

Trump, Hurricanes, and Blithering Idiots

Today’s post comes by way of this blitheringly idiotic video: No, President Trump wasn’t the one being an idiot. He was thinking, brainstorming, throwing out ideas on how to solve a serious problem. It’s what good leaders do when they want the experts to start thinking about serious threats. Good leaders identify risks, prioritize them […]

Portland, Communism, and blitheringly idiotic/ignorant Gen Z-ers

Let’s coin a term for the Portlandian Communists: Communisticus Inscius Insaniam It’s what happens when parents are too STUPID to spend time with their kids and leave them at home on the Internet, instead. Source: Is Gen Z a Socialist Revolution in the Making? It’s also what happens when teachers who were STUPID enough to […]