The Troll – From the Internet to the Real World

A friend wrote the following about a politically left person whom I would characterize as a troll: “I love the way you always ignore the crux of my argument and go after some little tidbit that you can try to paint as extreme…”
That’s the way those who are logically fallacious “argue.” It’s certainly not logical discourse. They’re beyond any sort of intellectually redeeming conversation. I can’t tell you how many drive-by-shooters (trolls) like him I’ve booted off message forums over the years. They have zero interest in the truth, much less reality as a whole. They only want one of two things: A) to be heard, find some thread of their insanity validated, or B) to irritate, annoy, bait or anger others who believe differently than themselves.
Either way, they’re booted because they contribute next to nothing to the conversation while wasting a lot of people’s time.
The only reason I dive into the fray on forums like Facebook where I can’t infract or boot them is as a way to highlight their fallacies to others. People who aren’t used to spending a lot of time engaged in logical discourse are often easily sucked into the mindless void of trolls.
I’m working with various entities who hold sway over educational curricula to encourage them to reintroduce logical discourse into the classroom. If we can’ bring the Bible back into schools, then at least we should be teaching kids how to logically, properly separate the chaff from the wheat so that they’re not so prone to allow their ears to be tickled by sweet-sounding but logically void political platforms.
In the meantime, 15 Free Internet Troll Images by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., is an outstanding resource, not only for the images, but also for understanding the psychotic range of trolls from merely dysfunctional to predatory and even downright murderous.  As he points out, while not all tolls are “personality disordered,” most of them do exhibit one or more traits ranging from machiavellian, sadistic, psychopathic and narcissistic.
Then there’s this YouTube video, which I highly recommend…

Now that we’ve learned about Internet Trolls and their psychotic baggage, let’s please take a moment to realize that many of the people you see engaging in disruptive and sometimes violent behavior against others live hidden lives as Internet trolls, where they’d engaged in the same disruptive behavior online for years, even decades.  Having been a message forum administrator for many years off and on since the 1980s, I have encountered, engaged with, wrestled with, been frustrated by, and occasionally had to give Internet trolls the boot.

I’d always hoped, and still do, that someone who presents as a troll is salvageable, and many of them are, usually through the art of civil discourse, as best exemplified in recent times by Ben Shapiro’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher:

I mean, Wow!  These two, clearly opposites in political belief, and both clearly masters, nevertheless respect one another and the arts of both logical discourse, political discourse, and civil discourse enough to carry on a largely unscripted conversation in front of not only a live audience carrying heavy antipathy towards Shapiro, but in front of the entire world via YouTube…  My “wow” factor involves what I see as Shapiro having both more accurate information, a greater sense of objectivity with his “If…  then impeachment should be on the table,” and a greater capacity to avoid Maher’s downfall, which was dodging Shapiro’s clean and clear points by raising another conundrum.

So…  Who’s the troll, here?  Shapiro or Maher?

While the audience, who clearly sides with Maher would say Shapiro is the troll…

“Yes, Bill, you do have to “pick one.” No human being with Trump’s history and current position can be both an “evil genius” and a “dufus (doofus).”

If he was a dufus, he’d never have managed to leverage his father’s wealth into significantly more wealth nor corral the votes of We the People of the greatest nation on Earth (to date – what we do from here on out remains to be seen).

But if he was an evil genius, why would he have forfeited earning billions more in his limelight in service to his nation?

Hey, gee! Logical discourse 101, here: Perhaps he’s NEITHER. Here’s WHY:


1. He’s an evil genius, but not a dufus: As per my above answer, “why would he have forfeited earning billions more in his limelight in service to his nation?” So… NO.

2. He’s a dufus, but not an evil genius: His many competitors in high-stakes corporate New York real estate and financial industries would have stripped him of his wealth long ago. Again… NO.

3. He’s both: Uh… Duh… Only an idealistic dufus like Maher would ever imagine the two could ever coexist, so… NO.

4: He’s neither. Genius, yes. Evil, no. Genius, hence not a dufus. You know, this pretty much describes many modern businessmen. Not the evil ones. But certainly the genius ones.

So, Bill – I WAS WRONG. Answer #4 is correct. But you’re wrong, as he’s certainly not both. That’s an oxymoron. Trump is merely neither an “evil” genius nor a dufus.

BUT… He may very well be both a genius and a bit of a buffoon with respect to his incessant tweets.

Thanks for reading/watching/listening and have a nice day.

On Nationalism vs Globalism

This is in response to Matt Bai’s article, “You can oppose Trump’s nationalism.  But don’t sneer at it.”

There’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with nationalism, Matt Bai.  Absolutely NOTHING at all.

Virginia, Delaware, and Georgia are to the United States of America as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England are to the United Kingdom and Bremen, Hamburg, and Saxony are to Germany.

The U.S. is a union. The E.U. is a super-union, twice removed from its original member states.

Unions are ok, provided they retain strong local order. The U.S. Constitution reserves most of the powers to the States and to the People, respectively. Says so right there in our Constitution and our 9th and 10th Amendments.

The EU, however, absorbed more power than it should have, with significant recent problems where blithering idiots at the EU level were saying, “Yeah! Sure! Find refuge here!” only to meet with individual states saying, “Uh, no.” Good for you, Poland and the others!!!

Globalism, the complete erasure of local/municipality, county, state, union, and super-union lines is a VERY BAD IDEA. We are NOT all the same, and we can NOT “all just get along.” That’s NOT the way human nature works and any attempt towards this in our current stage of development would absolutely be a DISASTER.

Perhaps in another 300 to 500 years, after we’ve worked out some of those show-stopping differences, such as the one where Islam wants to conquer all, killing the infidel if they refuse and the rest of us would like Islam to go to Hell.

As I began, there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with nationalism, Matt Bai.  Absolutely NOTHING at all.

There most certainly is, however, a great deal wrong with attempts to erase the fundamental nature of human ties that have bound society throughout our history and even pre-history.  We have made great advances and will undoubtedly make many more, in due time.

Rushing those advances, however, has almost always lead to arrogance, violence, and bloodshed.  In fact, nearly every war on our planet began with too rapid a shift between smaller units of identity and larger ones.  In fact, “How globalism failed, according to a globalist,” by Jerrod A. Laber is a very good hint at some of the dangers.

No, Matt Bai, globalism is not a cure for our ills, not in the least.  Rather, slow and steady maturation of society and the human condition is the only way to go.

Check back with me in half a millennia, there, sport.

Honorable Ode to General Robert E. Lee

I oppose slavery in all its forms. I staunchly support President Lincoln and Republican positions. I disagree with most of the reasons the South cited as justification for secession.
But make no mistake about it: General Robert E. Lee was a great man.
When Virginia declared its secession from the Union in April 1861, Lee chose to follow his home state, despite his desire for the country to remain intact and an offer of a senior Union command. During the first year of the Civil War, Lee served as a senior military adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Once he took command of the main field army in 1862 he soon emerged as a shrewd tactician and battlefield commander, winning most of his battles, all against far superior Union armies.
While he certainly had his faults, as all men do, his likeness by all means deserves remembrance. Though the ignorant continue to lay waste to memorials, statues, and plaques, this painting and these words will forever live on!

2018 Elections – Second Amendment Litmus Test Resources

GOA emailed members this week, they posted ratings here:

NRA ratings here (I guess you have to enter address):

(I like individual ratings, but the GOP and DNC have their respective positions on guns so usually voting is very simple if you support the 2nd.)

Some gun control groups are toning it down and changing the topic……n-midterm-ads/

But Pelosi is actively promoting and promising it:…220157715.html

So don’t let down your guard! It’s always close. We need every vote.

Some good news too, if we can keep it up….

Public support for gun control is down 6% since March…-gun-laws.aspx

(And support for handguns is actually quite strong, but they won’t talk about that, you have to read the fine print for their poll. I don’t trust their methods and weights much anyway, but over time you can see a clear trend on that one.)

We can do this! Vote to maintain your rights and keep them for next generation. Also economy doing well, industry rebuilding, military working on regaining standoff capabilities with near-peers and patching vulnerabilities…vote to keep the nation going, and free, so that we can all keep going and be free.

Pelosi’s “Leverage” Will Cost Every American $500+ Per Year

Who the HELL does Nancy Pelosi think she is?

Seriously: This anti-American TRAITOR wants to give “leverage” to CRIMINALS.  So WHO pays for this TRILLION DOLLAR price tag?
YOU DO, every 6 years.
The annual net cost of illegal immigration in our country ranges between $117 billion and and $297 billion, depending on who does the study, how objective they can be, and their financial and economic analytical skills. I’ve seen some people try to tear down President Trump’s $300 billion claim using nothing but rhetoric i.e. clearly no actual analytical skills at all, whereas the smallest truly objective but most critical figure I’ve seen that was well supported was $135 billion.
Weighting the various estimates with points for their skill, thoroughness, and the veracity of their analysis, my meta-estimate is that illegal immigrants cost the United States of America approximately $171 billion each year, NET. This figure includes all gross costs, less unrecoverable costs, and net contributions involved.
$171 BILLION NET comes to $529 burden paid by each and every man, woman, and child in our nation.
However, a similar meta-study involving the costs to build, maintain, and patrol Trump’s wall hover around just $15 billion a year, less than 10% than the cost of illegal immigration.
Even if it costs $25 billion, the absolute skyrocket highest estimate I’ve seen, it’s got a payback period of LESS THAN TWO MONTHS. That’s an absolute STEAL.
While we’re at it, let’s take criminals like Nancy Pelosi, whose efforts cost each American thousands of dollars a year, and put her on the other side of it, if not a significantly more secure wall specially reserved for criminals in places like Leavenworth and the Ultra Max prison in Florence, CO.

Sovereignty vs Diplomatic Immunity

Note: “MBS” stands for Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (age 33). When he said the Saudi Consulate in Turkey Is “Sovereign Territory,” he was wrong. He made the mistake of confusing “sovereign territory” with diplomatic agreements commensurate with Articles 21-25 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.
If MBS ordered the hit, or even if he knew about it but said nothing, then he should be released to Turkey to be charged in accordance with International Law.
The Peace of Westphalia (1648), ended the Thirty Years’ War. It recognized the principle of non-interference, which was further developed in the 18th century. The Westphalian system reached its peak in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Westphalian sovereignty, or state sovereignty, is the principle in international law that each nation state has exclusive sovereignty over its territory. The principle underlies the modern international system of sovereign states and is enshrined in the United Nations Charter, which states that “nothing should authorise intervention in matters essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state.”
Embassies and foreign consulates are NOT sovereign states either in whole or part. Rather, they enjoy certain qualified protections and immunities under international law.
Put simply, under Articles 21-25 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, embassies/consulates on foreign soil enjoy help finding a suitable location, maintaining suitable accommodations for its members, inviolate premises, host-nation protection, immunity from “search, requisition, attachment or execution,” dues/tax-free protection, extended diplomatic immunity to “the archives and documents of the mission,” regardless of location.
High crimes such as torture and murder do NOT meet “qualification” requirements. In fact, such crimes constitute a violation of the Vienna Convention, thereby subjecting the offending institutions and involved persons to the laws of the host nation.
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