What’s REALLY going on in Virginia

Do Americans understand what’s REALLY going on in Virginia? Governor Northam, the head of the state of Virginia, along with the Democrats in the state legislature are: 1. Violating the United States Constitution i.e. the supreme Law of the Land, specifically, the Second Amendment’s “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall […]

Yet ANOTHER Study on Gun Control

There are 30,000 gun related deaths per year by firearms, and this number is not disputed. U.S. population 328,735,259 as of Monday, May 6, 2019. Do the math: 0.0000912588% of the population dies from gun related actions each year. Statistically speaking, this is insignificant! What is never told, however, is a breakdown of those 30,000 […]

Kevin Spacey and the Clintons

Kevin Spacey was, and still is, in bed with the Clintons, possibly literally. I’ve little doubt that Ari Behn was suicided just like Jeffrey Epstein and more than 60 others who crossed either the Clintons or their closest friends. Kevin Spacey Accuser Ari Behn, Former Husband of Norwegian Princess, Dies by Suicide on Christmas I’m […]

WHY the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

It seems like not a day goes by that I don’t hear of yet another Constitutionally and common sense bereft individual pushing ear-tickling anti-gun agendas which have been proven the world over to result in MORE violent crimes of all kinds, including murder. These individuals are invariably aided into the spotlight by a similarly ignorant […]

US Constitution’s use of the word “SHALL”

Use of the word “shall” in the Constitution. It’s SO strong, SO much of an ABSOLUTE IMPERATIVE, that the President cannot even refuse his own Salary. We know, as President Trump tried. Congress told him, “No can do. Says so in the Constitution you shall receive a compensation. This was further decided in 1789, by […]

LIAR Raskin urges Pelosi to do what’s NO LONGER HERS to do

Too late! The MOMENT Speaker Pelosi banged her gavel following the vote, President Trump stood impeached. At that moment, according to the United States Constitution, the House’s reach ENDED. “The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” – Article I, Section 2, Clause 5 […]