The Thwaites “Doomsday” Glacier Hysteria – IN PERSPECTIVE

Yes, its surface speeds exceed 2 kilometres per year (1.2 miles per year) and has been since we first began studying it. In fact, glaciers have been retreating for the last 21,000, since the last glacial maximum, when the oceans were roughly 130 meters (425 feet) lower than they are today. You didn’t think it […]

The Reality Behind Critical Thinking

The article on critical thinking postulate’s we’re mostly dummies: ‘Critical Thinking’—Everyone Talks About It; No One Seems to Know What It Means Not true! Yes, we know what it means, and apparently, to such an extent as to undermine the author’s own conclusion. Critical thinking is not reactionary thinking, which is what most people do, […]

The UN’s Changing Position on Religion

According to The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (2019), the United Nations established its position on all human rights, including religious liberty, in 1948, just one year after it’s 1947 founding out of the ashes of the League of Nations (1920-1946) (Cite 1). It did so by publishing its Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a […]

Georgia Guidestones

Read all about them, here. The “living new language” might be referring to Esperanto, created in 1887 by an Polish opthamologist. It was fairly popular, insofar as artificial languages go, in the mid-20th century. With English being required in most major countries, however, Esperanto is in definitely in the fringes.Klingon is more popular and more […]

Wuhan Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

I’ve been running the numbers on the 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak caused by the Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Things aren’t looking good. Let’s compare it to the H1N1 (Swine Flu) pandemic of 2009, which I had. Ten days of OMG followed by three weeks of recovery before I felt normal again. The Swine Flu infected between […]

Prayer Without Action is DEAD

The article is straightforward: If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America. I think most Christians have a VERY BAD HABIT of praying to God that God would do all the doing. NOT HOW IT WORKS, PEOPLE. God gives YOU the strength. He gives YOU the wisdom. He gives YOU the […]