Pool & Hot Tub Water Safety in the Coronavirus Era

Even though I no longer own, operate or manage pools myself, I have friends who do, and on occasion they ask me questions about design, construction, operation, maintenance, sanitation and safety in and around pools. You’ll find most of the information you need in the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code, your local municipality’s swimming pool […]

E-Government and Teleworking the Globe

Years ago, I realized that technology has enabled us to transform our system of government into an e-government, IF we managed to do it RIGHT, and ONLY if the people consented. Right now, everyone gets more or less an equal vote. Obviously, if you’re one of Wyoming’s 578,759 denizens, your vote for Governor and Senators […]

The Opioid Crisis is NOT Caused by Opioids

The Opioid Crisis is NOT caused by opioids. For that matter, most crises are not causes by whatever the crisis is pretending to be. Rather, they’re caused by people, entire nations, even, coveting what they don’t have. So, the next time someone claims this or that crisis is causing problems in the world, as yourself […]

Bill Weld is NOT a Conservative!

For those of you asking, “Who?” or saying, “Never heard of him…” WAKE UP before your IGNORANCE allows the RINOs to steal the election. READ: “Steve Bannon said that if the president loses four percent of the traditional Republican vote, he cannot be re-elected,” Weld told me in a phone interview Monday afternoon. “If that’s […]

AOC, Cruz and Economics

Written in response to this article. Typical Demoncrap tactic, AOC: Dodge the question and launch personal attacks. Winning on category in a high school science fair, while technically is “holding an award from MIT,” you must put that into context, AOC. Walking around saying you “hold awards from MIT” makes it like like you did […]

Lawful Use of Deadly Force

Did you instigate the conflict? EXIT Did you in any way, shape, manner or form add to the conflict? EXIT Seriously, if you’re the antagonist, get lost. Not only do you have ZERO legal standing, you’re likely the source of the problem rather than the solution. Having watched all episodes of Supernatural, which eminently qualified […]