Trump Impeachment Defense RESTS

BOOM. Gregg Jarrett precisely details how President Trump’s impeachment defense attorneys utterly DEMOLISH the LIES and HYPOCRITICAL SLANDER visited upon Trump by the Demoncraps in office. HIGHLIGHTS KEY POINTS They could have rested at the 1 hour point They rested less than 3 hours into their 16 hours of allotted time They played video of […]

ALL Computing Devices Require Protection

Not too many years ago, I wrote a number of articles for a prestigious publication. My brain flipped back into that mode this afternoon when I came across an article written by the fine folks at Safety Detectives (attached). I penned the following for no-strings-attached distribution: If you’re online, please use an antivirus. Hackers can’t […]

America’s Marching Orders 2021

You must admire The Pew Research Center. Even in the midst of political, racial, and multiple other divisions, instead of highlighting on party’s agenda over the others, they take a step back back, gather up heaping cupfuls of objectivity, and correctly ascertain what We the American People want as a whole. Here’s the link to […]

House “Impeachment Managers” VIOLATE the Constitution


The Democrat “impeachment managers” are Constitutionally unlawful. In fact, the mere presence of “impeachment managers” in the Senate during impeachment proceedings violates a very specific and incontrovertible tenet of Constitutional law, that of ensuring both the House and Senate components of the impeachment and trial processes remain completely and entirely separate. Our Founding Fathers were […]

What is America’s Political Middle?

Do not EVER call them “right.” There’s absolutely NOTHING “right” about them. Extremist groups are just that: Extreme. They have no rational ties to the right or to the left, much less the middle. Mentally, they’re out in the weeds, if not off a cliff. Moreover, do NOT allow the liberal left aka mudstream media […]

Another Look at Election Security

Laura Ingraham asks, “Buchanan and Gingrich: How can we ensure the integrity of future elections?” Securing the vote first requires the unlearning of a great many falsehoods:1. While it’s possible to secure it manually, with a paper-only approach, that would require 3 to 7 times more than what states are currently spending. For a state […]