Who’s on the Demoncrap Chopping Block?

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping EVERYONE tied to the entire DEMONCRAP COUP occurring over the last several years will be discovered, charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and HUNG FOR TREASON, as THEY BECAME America’s Enemy. George Soros: Funding the attempted coup, along with many bribes, payoffs, and widespread sedition throughout the Demoncrap community.Michael […]


I just watched Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, reveal he’s beginning to recognize social media has a censorship problem. Senator Cruz: How would you like to replace political censoring with highly objective content tagging and user-specified filtering? Here’s HOW, but first, let’s ensure we all realize just how many major players there are in this […]

Fearing for our “democracy” is foolishness

The Atlantic carried an article today entitled, “Why Obama Fears For Our Democracy.” I’m not going to cover the article’s content. Like many such articles carrying misleading and inflammatory titles, it’s not worth my time or yours. I will, however, talk about the highly misleading title, particularly as there’s absolutely nothing “democratic” about either the […]

A Sunday Morning Meander

First, I’ve never understood the need for “Daylight Saving Time.” Also, I thought it was “savings,” not “saving.” Regardless, If cities needed to save coal, gas, fuel oil or electricity by changing around entire time zones, wouldn’t it have been easier to simply say, “John, it’s getting lighter earlier. Starting April, the plant opens at […]

Michigan’s Military Ballots DO NOT ADD UP

This libtardal article would have you believe the observer, whom Michigan election officials kicked out, was trying to start trouble. Not true. He was doing precisely what he’s SUPPOSED to do: OBSERVE. In 2012, the Stars and Stripes published the results of the military vote for Barack Obama: Enlisted: ~ 33% Officers: ~17% The psychological […]