Trump, Hurricanes, and Blithering Idiots

Today’s post comes by way of this blitheringly idiotic video: No, President Trump wasn’t the one being an idiot. He was thinking, brainstorming, throwing out ideas on how to solve a serious problem. It’s what good leaders do when they want the experts to start thinking about serious threats. Good leaders identify risks, prioritize them […]

Portland, Communism, and blitheringly idiotic/ignorant Gen Z-ers

Let’s coin a term for the Portlandian Communists: Communisticus Inscius Insaniam It’s what happens when parents are too STUPID to spend time with their kids and leave them at home on the Internet, instead. Source: Is Gen Z a Socialist Revolution in the Making? It’s also what happens when teachers who were STUPID enough to […]

Two more mass shootings, 29 dead: HERE’S THE SOLUTION

The problem is NOT law-abiding citizens taking guns into the midst of large groups of people. Those who carry, about 11% of the population, do that all the time. The problem is that well-intentioned but otherwise ignorant politicians keep creating “gun-free zones” which have become a magnet for the criminally insane. Fully 89% of all […]