America Needs Term Limits and Voter ID

Business Insider is hawking Ted Cruz’s two-term limits for members of Congress. I oppose it, mainly to preserve the continuity vital for such a complex organization. Quick summary: My approach is more complicated, but preserves the “corporate knowledge and experience” needed to maintain continuity:1. Whoever’s elected has the opportunity to reach 12 years. 2. Approaching […]

The American’s Creed

My Grandfather mentioned this once, a long time ago, back in the 1970s. He knew it, as did most Americans throughout our nation’s greatest period of advancement. It’s time we all refresh ourselves with both its content and its rich and detailed history. Non-copyright excerpts were obtained from The Story of the American’s Creed – […]

The Trump Effect – Demystified

The Trump Effect includes many things, including — really — the ability to arrive at deals appealing to most sides. However, one thing President Trump has mastered is a basic economic principle which the vast majority of political science majors find confusing, foreign, or incorrect. However, it’s not incorrect at all. In fact, it’s simply […]

The REAL Problem with Demoncraps

What is, exactly, the real problem with Demoncraps? Senator Rick Scott (FL) proposed an amendment, today. The second I read the headlines, I thought, “two-thirds vote to impeach, three-quarters vote to convict.” Let’s see what the article says… “Three-fifths majority to impeach.” No mention of the conviction requirement, so I assume it would remain two-thirds? […]

Use of Force Against Socialism

Montana State lawmaker, Representative Rodney Garcia of Billings, was not sanctioned and will not resign after “asserting the U.S. Constitution allows socialists to be jailed or shot.” (Source) He’s partially correct. Socialists engaged in active rebellion or insurrection, or even assists such by “giving aid or comfort thereto,” can indeed be fined, jailed, and if […]

The Thwaites “Doomsday” Glacier Hysteria – IN PERSPECTIVE

Yes, its surface speeds exceed 2 kilometres per year (1.2 miles per year) and has been since we first began studying it. In fact, glaciers have been retreating for the last 21,000, since the last glacial maximum, when the oceans were roughly 130 meters (425 feet) lower than they are today. You didn’t think it […]

The Reality Behind Critical Thinking

The article on critical thinking postulate’s we’re mostly dummies: ‘Critical Thinking’—Everyone Talks About It; No One Seems to Know What It Means Not true! Yes, we know what it means, and apparently, to such an extent as to undermine the author’s own conclusion. Critical thinking is not reactionary thinking, which is what most people do, […]