Ode to The Flash (and CW)

I just learned those behind the TV series “The Flash” fired Hartley Sawyer for social media comments he made some eight years ago, in 2012.

I reviewed his comments and while they were a bit off, the comments by those who fired him and The CW are far, far more disturbing.

The world of the Politically Correct has ZERO tolerance for any deviation from their inhumanly strict requirements. Hartley Sawyer was an outstanding addition to The Flash, both funny and highly entertaining. The Flash is one of the few shows that’s come out in the last decade that did not shove LGBTQ issues down everyone’s throats as if it’s the next best thing to sliced bread portraying one in five of the leading characters as LGBTQ while trying to convince the world of how “normal” it is.

Even so, what both CW and those behind The Flash have done is unforgivable. Eric Wallace, I read your comments, here, and have just one question for you: What are you? Three? Have you absolutely zero ability to discern the difference between unfounded rhetoric and factual data?

Here’s a test:

This test just one question: Please tell everyone again WHY you think the organizations behind these riots, rebellions and insurrections — Black Lives Matter (BLM) and AntiFa — are not completely off their rockers when they protest violence by committing violence, and that, aimed not at by far the greatest source of their violence — themselves — but at their least source of violence?

If you cannot answer this question with any statement other than, “Yeah, I was wrong,” then it is you and your angry, blind and ignorant rhetoric and agenda who are the problem.

Have you not been paying attention to the rampant if not insanely stupid looting, arson and utter destruction committed in the BLM name right in their own backyards, their own streets, their own stores, their own cities? The only reason America is burning right now is because of the unbridled vitriol explosively released through hate groups, if not domestic terrorism groups, like BLM and AntiFa. Yes, the actions meet every definition of terrorism, and since it’s occurring on American soil, perpetrated by Americans, it’s domestic terrorism.

You have some awesome talent, Eric. I loved Eureka. But you’re a man filled with hatred, complete with reprobate mind, and a discredit to the military service in which your father served. You mention “moral authority” while failing to realize moral relativism is no authority at all. I’ll give you some credit, though, as you’re probably just as ignorant as a former teacher of mine.

A recent study noted “attitudes toward gay rights, like those on so many other subjects, are increasingly intertwined with our political identities.”

Sawyer’s firing wasn’t because of his comments, was it? Like the blitheringly idiotic lesbian English teacher in college who gave me a D- (I’m a A student with two s.c.l.’s at the graduate level) because “I wasn’t getting it” (agreeing with her LGBTQ agenda), you’re punishing Sawyer not because of a few off-hand comments, but rather, because he refuses to cow-tow to the reprobate minds of those who see nothing wrong when “women exchange natural sexual relations for unnatural ones” or when “men also abandon natural relations with women and are inflamed with lust for one another. Men commit shameful acts with other men.” – Romans 1:26-27

The Bible calls it an “abomination” for good reason: “Although they know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them.” Yes, it’s an abomination, a complete and total perversion of everything holy, just as God is holy.

The exaggeration of LGBTQ representation is astounding: “The researchers compared data from two large surveys: one conducted by Gallup in 1977, and another conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute in late 2013. Participants in each were asked to give their “best guess” of how many Americans are gay or lesbians.” “The study’s first finding is that “the public tends to consistently overestimate the size of the gay and lesbian population.” The average guess in 1977 was between 10 and 19 percent; in 2013, it had increased to 23 percent.”

Do you know what the actual percentage is? “Gallup reported in 2015 that 3.8 percent of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.”


That’s here in the U.S. In most other countries throughout the world, the rate is considerably lower.

So pardon my understandably “politically incorrect” conclusion that most Americans who say they agree with it are merely paying lip service to what’s PC when they’re rather tell you how they really feel i.e. “Yuck!”

These are simply raw, emotionless, apolitical facts. I’m a scientist, not a PC hack, and certainly no advocate for spreading misinformation, much less what most of the CW world does i.e. attempting to advance reprobate agendas based on misinformation, if not outright lies. There’s a reason ratings of popular shows take a nose-dive when they reveal their LGBTQ support through portraying blatant acts of homosexuality: The vast majority of people don’t want to see that crap. It’s the “Yuck!” factor, and contrary to your popular misconception, it’s not one of ignorance or hate, rather, knowledge of God and what He deems as Holy.

As Christians and people of related Abrahamic faiths, we live our lives in pursuit of holiness, not sinful debauchery, and particularly not of that which the author of our faith clearly labels as an “abomination” in his Word which we know as the Holy Bible.

Hartley’s words on social media were nothing like mine above. I’ve read his six to either year old tweets, right beneath CW’s pedantic pandering to the domestic terrorism group known as “Black Lives Matter.” For better or for worse, Sawyer’s posts were typical of more than 80% of what’s on social media. I do not and will not apologize for my faith, no matter how much you spew forth hate by falsely claiming I hate everything LGBTQ. As the saying goes, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.”

Since I’ve clarified what I do and do not hate, let’s examine your own hate for a minute, there CW and people of The Flash, as it’s a doozy: Hartley very humbly put forth a very heartfelt apology. None finer, and as a writer, published author, and now teacher of writing, reading between the lines reveals his apology was truly genuine.

But what was your response, CW? Did you understand? Did you accept his apology? Did you forgive him?

No. You HATED him. You mindlessly slapped a label on him and FIRED him.

CW’s message of hate to all who show any sign of disagreement is precisely the same as that of the lesbian English teacher I had so many years ago who punished my very best A papers with D’s and F’s for no reason except I disagreed with her blatant LGBTQ push: “Either agree with us or we will destroy you.”

How is that anything BUT hate? Then again, that’s as the world gives. It’s not as God gives.

It’s HATE, something you will never escape and will indeed face one final time at the Bema seat.

As for me, The Flash was my absolute favorite show on TV. I loved the comics as a kid and have loved the show since season 1, episode 1. Alas, I cannot and will not support such unrepentant sin and hate both the creators, writers, and producers of The Flash have shown in their response to Mr. Sawyer, as well as that from corporate CW.

Put simply, your hate and hypocrisy turns my stomach.

Thus, I will no longer watch any episodes of The Flash, nor anything else with the CW label. I will never reward such unrepentant malice.

Many years ago, there was another crowd who showed precisely the same vitriolic levels of hate. In fact, they crucified the one whom God sent to save them from their sin. They hung Jesus Christ on the cross, not because he was guilty of anything, but because of their own hardened hearts. In fact, Jesus humbled himself, even unto death on the cross, thereby becoming the final sacrifice for the sins of the world, for all who would believe in Christ’s salvation and confess their sins before God.

Hartley’s a good kid. He was born around the time that uber-lesbian English teacher was slinging D’s and F’s to everyone who didn’t agree with her. He’s bright, creative, hard-working and has a natural sense of comedic timing. He’s not perfect, but he does have a great heart. Just as I survived that hateful teacher, Hartley Sawyer will survive your hate and hypocrisy. He’ll land on his feet and do well in life.

So sad to see so much creative talent fall afoul of Satan’s traps, but there you have it, folks. Both The Flash and The CW are (spiritually) quite dead.

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