Obama’s Citizenship – Revisited

Thousand’s of people have questioned Obama’s Citizenship, and for good reason:  It remains so full of holes that it makes the Titanic look like the U.S.S. Enterprise.  I submit to you that Obama’s Citizenship is nothing less than the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American people, if not the World in general, EVER:
1. There’s an abundance of evidence that he was born in Kenya. This evidence includes a period-accurate birth certificate whose marks and signatures have been verified to the nth degree, recorded statements by both Michelle and Barack himself that he was born in Kenya, long before either of them felt like they had to watch their words, along with dozens of corroborting pieces of evidence supporting the same. To date, all legal efforts to prove this as fact have been tossed, not on the basis of the evidence itself, but on the basis of oft-contrived and quite sketchy “rules of procedure” or “jurisdiction.” It’s amazing the long reach of even a fake president’s arm when the DoJ remains loyal and under his purview, eh?
2. The only scrap of evidence that he was born is Hawaii was a single document coughed up by a hospital in Hawaii two full years after Obama invaded the White House. Unlike all other copies of birth certificates from the early 1960’s, including my own, as delivered by all 50 of these United States, Obama’s “copy” wasn’t a copy at all. Instead, it was a document which White House officials purported to be real, but one which countless experts with Adobe Photoshop and other professional digital editing software proved beyond any shadow of a down was nothing more than a manufactured fake. Even so, someone had to sign it, and someone did, but she was amazingly the only non-survivor of a shallow-water ditching of a Cessna Caravan where all the other survivors, including the pilot and co-pilot, survived without a scratch. Setup? Did she take a fall? Oh, hell yeah, on both accounts, God rest her soul. The handwriting is all over the God-damned wall.  Hell, Obama’s own legal team disavowed the birth certificate they produced in one of the court cases.
3. Then there’s the matter of Obama’s school records, which someone or some organization paid well over a million dollars to seal against public scrutiny. Nevertheless, countless pictures have surfaced that he was a loser, a number of scholastic testimonies have surfaced that he was never a “Constitutional scholar” as he falsely claimed, and documented evidence has surfaced that he was registered as “Barry Soetoro,” a foreign student from Indonesia who was receiving funding based on the fact that he really was a foreign student from Indonesia. He certainly wasn’t born in Indonesia, however. He was born in Kenya. After he was born, his mother transported him to Hawaii where he was raised by his mom and his grandparents for a while, before his mother transported him to Indonesia, where he attended mosque on a regular basis, learning the Islamic faith along with Arabic and many key passages of the Qur’an.
4. At no time has Obama or anyone else ever produced any attempt by Obama to become a naturalized citizen, and the U.S. Social Security Administration has zero record of Obama’s naturalization.
5. Meanwhile, Obama has at various points in time, put forth at least two, and possible three social security numbers, only one of which has ever been confirmed by the Social Security Administration as his, but then, only at a late date, under suspicious circumstances, apparently under false pretenses, and therefore highly supect.
To date, no one has provided ANY credible evidence to the contrary, whereas liberal judges controlled by the Demoncraps and/or Obama’s power strings from on high have shut down all legal efforts to expose Obama’s many lies.
Regardless of his legal status, his REALITY status remains in very high question among many Americans.
In my professional opinion, Obama remains a Kenyan, not an American citizen, and has therefore never been a lawful U.S. President, ergo, 100% of all executive orders, treaties, international agreements, appointments and legislative approvals are fully null and void, never to be recognized, much less observed, or far worse, enforced.
If you believe otherwise, you’re either a blithering idiot or you’re not an American.