No, People – Mankind is NOT Driving Climate Change

Interesting thing about Sea Level Rise: Of the 130 meters (427 feet) of sea level rise since the Last Glacial Maximum (21 kya), the vast majority of that — 123 meters (404 feet i.e. 94.6%) occurred between 21 kya and 7.5 kya. Less than 6% (just 7 meters i.e. 23 feet) of the total sea level rise occurred in the last 7.5 thousand years, and over the last 2,000 years, less than 1 meter of sea level rise has occurred.

Clearly — and undeniably — sea level rise has slowed a great deal.

Where are all these facts coming from? Simple: The Vostok and related ice core samples. They actually go back well over a million years, and give us precise measurements of temperature and various gases in Earth’s atmosphere throughout time. The geological record gives us sea levels over the last few million years. Here’s what it looks like when we put these facts together in an organized format:

As for the idea that mankind is responsible for “global warming” or even “climate change,” let’s examine another fact:

Although 94.6% of the sea level rise (an accurate reflection of Earth’s temperature change) over the first 13.3 ky since the Last Glacial Maximum, the human population during that period never exceeded 5 million people, which is just 0.0634% (way less than 1 in 1,000) of today’s population. Let’s put this difference into perspective: The population of Colorado Springs is 650,000. A thousandth of that is just 650, considerably smaller than my high school’s graduating class. We could all fit in the cafeteria.

Moreover, the above graphs depict only ONE interglacial period. In the last half a million years, the Earth has experience five such interglacial periods, including the fifth and current period. Here’s a graph of these five glacial cycles, along with the temperatures and levels of CO2 and CH4 (methane):

Clearly — and undeniably — humanity most certainly did NOT cause the current interglacial period, much less the other four interglacial periods over the last 420,000, all of which had nearly the SAME rises in sea level, temperature, CO2 and CH4 (methane) as we’ve experienced over the last 21,000 years, but during a time when our human ancestors never exceeded 1 million members. Void of civilization and agriculture, they were relegated to hunter-gatherer status.

Glacial cycles are NORMAL. They’ve occurred for many millions of years, and in all likelihood, will continue to occur for millions of years. The forces which drive glacial cycles, however, are many orders of magnitude beyond the ability of humans to produce, much less mitigate (control).

Here’s where the buffoons derailed both science and reality: Some numbnut back in the 1990s, along with the other numbnut, Al Gore, falsely claimed CO2 and methane (CH4) generated by humans was causing global warming. They completely and utterly failed to account for the fact that 94% of it occurred long before human populations were large enough to affect anything more than a mosquito’s fart. They did, however, see a golden opportunity for both book and video sales, which is how Gore amassed his wealth, along with a much large wealth redistribution engine based upon misinformation and fear to convince voters to allow them to earmark taxes to be spent upon global warming / climate change “research.”

Given all of the above, I very seriously doubt that all those dollars have actually be spent researching something which honest scientists, many of who have appeared before Congress, know to be false. In fact, just as less than 7% of the last economic stimulus went directly to the people, I suspect that’s about all that has actually funded continuing research, with more than 90% flowing into political coffers and grease and hush money.

The people of this world don’t need more research into glacial cycles. We need more education what is real, along with illumination of what is fake, a scam perpetrated upon all people of planet Earth by money-grubbing THIEVES and power-hungry DICTATORS.

You, too, can do your part, simply by refusing to reelect anyone from the only party pushing this nonsense.

One guess as to which political party has been behind this since Bill Clinton first took office…

Updated: August 21, 2021 — 11:17 am