New York Times “Op-Ed” Piece Does Not Pass Muster

Have you heard about The New York Times’ “Op-Ed” piece allegedly penned by “a senior official in the Trump administration?”
Second, as professional writers and editors know well, it’s often quite easy to spot the author of a piece by their writing style. This doesn’t appear to be written by anyone from within the Trump Administration.
Third, the reference to potential invocation of the 25th Amendment clearly identifies the author as a Demoncrap or Demoncrap sympathizer, as no one in the Trump Administration was calling for such action.
Fourth, the claim that “Senator John McCain put it best in his farewell letter,” along with other pro-McCain aggrandizement, who was largely reviled by and excluded from access to the Trump administration, strongly indicates this piece was written by a very pro-McCain sympathizer, if not by John McCain himself before he passed away. Heck, without any distinctive time signature, McCain might have written it last Christmas and given it to his attorney with an, “If I die…” request to mail it to The New York Times.
Fifth, what Republican would EVER use the very liberal Times as its publishing source?
Sixth, the piece discounts “the deep state” while lauding “the steady state,” clearly not the work of anyone associated with the Trump administration.
Seventh, there’s really no revelation of any inside information, no confirmation that this did, in fact, come from anyone within the Trump administration at all.
In conclusion, this is almost certainly a liberal fluff piece written by someone with ordinary access to the same public information, most notably liberal mainstream new media reports over the last eighteen months.
Its purpose, apparently, is to bolster Demoncrap confidence while swaying independent voters to the left prior to the elections.
And that’s the eighth and final piece of this puzzle: NO ONE within ANY Republican administration would EVER risk losing votes immediately prior to an election.
Ergo, this was NOT written by “a senior official in the Trump administration.” Rather, it was probably written by someone who works for the New York Times itself, but could also have been written by any of several hundred liberals or members of the Demoncrap Party in order to make it appear as if there’s a traitor in Trump’s midst.
I, for one, am not buying it. Are you?
President Trump isn’t buying it.  Smart man!

You know what else President Trump and We the American People aren’t buying?  Huffington Post’s ridiculous, single-word allegation that Vice President Pence was the author.  As we’ve clearly seen from the eight rock-solid reasons given above, the op-ed didn’t come from President Trump’s administration.

And, no, it wasn’t Vice President Pence.  That is absolutely not his style, at all. Ever.

It is far more likely some libtard Demoncrap wrote the piece and planted the word, “lodestar” hoping to get President Trump flustered to the point where he starts chewing up those within his own administration.

That didn’t happen. In fact, the exact opposite happened: The blitheringly idiotic libtards are steeling We the American People against the liars, cheats, and thieves known as “Democrats.”

Funny, but all of this seems to come down to some idiot calling himself, “Dan downLODESTAR Bloom,” @danbloom on Twitter.  Perhaps he’s the original author of the NYT’s op-ed piece.

Nah…  He’s just not that smart, and besides, he doesn’t write that well.

Update (9/7/2018):  Yahoo continues to publish a number of articles, as in perhaps half a dozen a day, attempting to point fingers at Republicans when it’s far more likely this piece was floated by the lying, cheating, and stealing Demoncraps as has long been their habit.  Even Omarosa “gives clues…”

Yeah, right, Omarosa.  Grow a brain.

Get a clue, people: NO ONE ” from inside 45’s WH wrote the @nytimes Op-Ed on page ((330)) of Unhinged.”

Cutting one’s own throat, or the throat of one’s own political party is never a motive, particularly right before midterm elections. That would be supremely stupid, and conservatives are not stupid.

On the other hand, a number of nefarious libtards and Demoncraps had Means, Opportunity, and Motive to write this piece. Complicit and liberal New York Times jumped at the chance to publish the piece, knowing they could hide their libtard/Demoncrap source indefinitely.

Then again, Omarosa’s recent book, “Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” is prima facia evidence that Omarosa herself (or her publisher) wrote the op-ed, as yet another mind-bogglingly stupid stunt to increase her book sales.  In fact, I’d say it’s a good bet she’s had this entire line of events planned for a long time.

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