New York has begun the wide-spread confiscation of firearms


If New York identifies a concealed carry permit holder as someone who is on anti-anxiety medication, they are not only suspending the individual’s license, they are going to the individual’s door and forcing them to give up their firearms. Currently, gun-owners are being given a “knock option” – If they voluntarily open their door to the state police, the state police won’t bust down their door.

confiscation of firearms

New Orleans PD’s Illegal Confiscation of Firearms Following Katrina

The NY State Police Department falls directly under the executive branch. As such, they are Cuomo’s private army.

This is only the first step.  It won’t be long before they begin confiscating firearms for other reasons, and then, for any reason. Or no reason at all.

This is a gross violation of the U.S. Civil Code with respect to Civil Rights.  It’s a violation of HIPPA.  In that it’s a “preemptive action,” and not as a result of any wrong-doing whatsoever, it’s also a flagrant violation of the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers.

Support your local Sheriffs!  Most county sheriffs throughout America don’t like big brother any more than you do.  They have your best interests at heart.  Every county in America is slightly different.  Some are radically different than others.  There is no “blanket solution” for everyone.  Your local sheriff is (usually) the expert on local law enforcement issues in your neck of the woods, mountains, plains, or deserts.

Stand with them, and they will stand up for you.