National Security Strategy of the United States of America

America’s National Security Strategy is a very important effort.  For the last year, some rather dim individuals and groups have been criticizing President Trump for “not having a national security plan.”

Actually, he has always had a national security plan: “Define the objective, then let the Generals do their job.”  It’s been simple, straightforward, smart, and effective, and precisely what any non-military civilian leader should do.  President Trump is to be commended for his wisdom!

A year and a lot of learning and hard work later, President Trump publishes our new National Security Strategy with four key focus areas:

  1. Protect the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life
  2. Promote American Prosperity
  3. Preserve Peace through Strength
  4. Advance American Influence

I am providing links to both the summary as well as the full plan towards the bottom.

In the meantime, let’s examine the reaction to President Trump’s NSS as compared to their opinions on his Foreign Policy.  As you can see, there is great positive feedback about his NSS than his FP, which is more negative than positive.


Fox News Coverage:  “Trump unveils national security strategy:  ‘America is going to win.’

White House Announcement and Summary

National Security Strategy of the United States of America – OFFICIAL

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