National Popular Vote: Grounds for Civil War

This isn’t another “why the Electoral College” video. It unveils just how MASSIVELY the NPV can skew the presidential election. In fact, 11 states control more than half of all electoral votes in the United States. Fortunately, at least two of those states, sometimes four, vote red.

The NVP, however, removes natural, by-district resistance to extremes. In fact, even if a state is nearly evenly divided, NPV takes ALL the state’s electoral votes, stealing from those who voted against and giving those votes to the even slightest majority. Liberals are shouting “Yay!” in liberal states because they DO NOT CARE about the votes of any of the conservatives in the states.

Thus, if 28 of California’s electors voted blue, then all 55 of California’s electoral votes are turned blue, including the 27 who voted red.
In fact, under NPV, just 11 states — less than 25% — can rule the entire nation, even though the other 40 — more than 75% — say NO.

That’s BACKWARDS from what our Founding Fathers required for ratification of Amendments!

Armed with NPV, unscrupulous people will gain much power.
Do not believe their “it works both ways” arguments as it does NOT. Conservative states have NOT implemented this as it’s patently un-Constitutional.

Article I requires all states to use the electoral college. It does NOT, however, give any state any authority for altering the way the electoral college is run within their state.

Thus, ALL NPV laws are PATENTLY UN-CONSTITUTIONAL. Any and all electoral votes cast under NPV systems are NULL AND VOID and SHALL NOT be counted as being valid in these United States of America, as doing so disenfranchises not only all minority voters within each such state, but it also violates the public trust between all other states.

The NPV alone is grounds for civil war.