Judge Napolitano’s FLAGRANT anti-Trump, anti-Conservative, and anti-American rants called into Question YET AGAIN

With all due respect, Judge Napolitano, WHO PAID YOU OFF TO LIE???

Or, if you prefer, how is it even remotely possible that you are THAT IGNORANT of what is really going on??? My God! Gah!!!


Mueller’s report very clearly states on page 182 there was “NO CRIME,” yet you FALSELY claim there was a crime.

The only “crimes, lies, and other wrongdoings” I observe are all the Dems — AND NOW YOU — who apparently have not read the report but are lying to people of our great nation, making outrageously false claims in either pathetically ignorant or heinously sinister attempts to bring President Trump down.

Please STOP wasting OUR time and OUR money and do your jobs, Demoncraps.

And YOU, Judge Napolitano, have a LOT for which you WILL give account We the People demand nothing less of turncoats.

WHY are you grossly denigrating President Trump? Did he tick you off because he didn’t give you some coveted position and this is you gutless, spineless retribution excruciatingly thinly disguised as political commentary? If so, WE THE PEOPLE SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOUR ASS.

Dude… Mueller is a top legal and justice official who, along with dozens of others, conducted a very lengthy, extremely thorough $35 million investigation.

So tell, us, Judge Napolitano, what the HELL gives you the idea you think you know better than Mueller, who SPECIFICALLY STATED IN HIS REPORT, “”THIS REPORT DOES NOT CONCLUDE THAT THE PRESIDENT COMMITTED A CRIME.” – Page 185

Did you read this wrong? “Does not conclude that the President committed a crime” is a double negative i.e NO CRIME.

Please tell me you’re not THAT much of a MORON, are you, Judge Napolitano? that you cannot decipher a simple English language missive???

Do you understand what that means, Judge Napolitano?

No crime means NO CRIME.

Yet you SIT there and declare Mueller is saying Trump committed a crime.

You make me SICK, Judge Napolitano. You do a VERY GRAVE DISSERVICE to the the OUTSTANDING people of our nation through your gross, heinous, and literally unconscionable distortions of the truth.

You have so flagrantly misstated the truth in the face of SO much prima facia evidence to the contrary that you have exposed yourself as a flagrant opposer of the law and paid henchman of anti-Constitutional, anti-America, and certainly anti-Trump forces.

You completely and utterly pathetic…

By the way, you apparently missed it: Mueller also said he has nothing to add beyond what was written in the report, which clearly states, “THIS REPORT DOES NOT CONCLUDE THAT THE PRESIDENT COMMITTED A CRIME.”

Page 182, Judge Napolitano. NO CRIME.

I suggest you READ IT, before you do any MORE harm to our nation, to conservatives, and to the economy, wealth and health of We the People.

Until you DO read it, Judge Napolitano — EN TOTO — please do your country a service and kindly shut your damned pie hole.


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