Nancy Pelosi Belongs in PRISON

Yes, I’m convinced Nancy Pelosi belongs in prison.

In an October 18, 2020 article by Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s latest actions were described using the same language reserved for con artists and those committing extortion. Specifically, they clearly highlighted conniving misdirection, her thieving extortion, her groundless blaming, defamation and slander, and her obstruction of required governmental processes, particularly necessary during the current pandemic.

I’m thinking a lot of things right now, but primarily, I’m thinking Pelosi is a CRIMINAL. I’m thinking she couldn’t care LESS about an actual spending bill.

I’m thinking her ONLY thought this close to the election is to smear President Trump, an action which is not only a heinous affront to the American People, but which is COSTING LIVES.

I’m thinking President Trump should state ^^^this^^^ clearly, succinctly, and repeatedly to the American people.

I’m thinking Nancy Pelosi should go to PRISON.

Here are some excerpts from the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board:

Nancy Pelosi is one SICK operator. She has managed to blame President Trump for the failure of a new Covid-19 relief bill even as she keeps rejecting Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s concession after concession.

Put simply, numerous, repeated and very sound concessions granted in good faith in order to get this thing passed and provide the country with some much-needed relief have been offered to Pelosi, but Pelosi has repeatedly rejected them all while blaming others.

The House Speaker issued her latest ultimatum Sunday, saying that the White House has 48 hours to reach a deal before the election. This came after she rejected the latest White House offer of $1.88 trillion, which followed her rejection of $1.6 trillion, which followed her rejection of $1 trillion. She blamed the White House language on a national virus test-and-trace plan, but the real hold up is her demand for hundreds of billions for Democratic states and public unions.

I’m thinking Nancy has ZERO authority to impose a “48 hour” time limit on the President of the United States.

In fact, I’m thinking the actual rules clearly state: “The president has ten days (excluding Sundays) to sign a bill passed by Congress” (Source: U.S. Senate Reference Index, Subject: Vetoes).

I’m thinking both her pork-barrel demands and shortened time frame during a time of National Crisis, specifically the COVID-19 epidemic, go way beyond politics, well into the EXTORTION category, and almost certainly constitution a THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY.

The mystery at this stage is why Mr. Trump won’t take no for an answer. A last-minute spending blowout won’t change the presidential race, and it won’t help the economy in time for the election and not much after that. Agreeing to Mrs. Pelosi’s terms of surrender would divide Senate Republicans and might hurt their chances of keeping a majority. A Trump Presidency with Democratic House and Senate majorities would be a very ugly four years.

I’m thinking President Trump should use this opportunity, not to incessantly bash Pelosi, but to clearly — PRESIDENTIALLY — affirm to the American People his recommendations are focused ONLY on the bare essentials during a time when our nation cannot afford anything else, whereas the Demoncraps are attempting to load it up with TRILLIONS of dollars of Demoncrap PORK for which they are clammoring to fatten their wallets for DECADES at OUR expense.

I’m thinking President Trump should remind Americans that each additional trillion dollars of Demoncrap PORK will COST Americans more than $3,000 for each and every man, woman and child.

And, yes, I’m thinking Nancy Pelosi really should spend the rest of her natural life IN PRISON for her HEINOUS CRIMES against the American People.

Yes, Pelosi. EXTORTION is a CRIME.

Yes, Pelosi. FRAUD, WASTE and ABUSE are CRIMES.


You are a CRIMINAL, Pelosi.