My Covid-19 Vaccinations – Honest Report

As I begin this narrative it’s the evening of my first Covid-19 shot. As you know, I’m a staunch conservative, but above all else, I’m a scientist. In fact, being a stickler for the facts is why I’m such a staunch conservative. Facts are why masks actually work, and they’re also what’s behind the recent US Covid-19 Update – March 2021.

It’s the facts which I’ll be sharing with you over the next few days, in reverse chronological order, and I will update it with any significant event.


Same format as last time, in reverse chronological order:

2021-04-18, 20:58: Day 4. 100% all day. Totally back to normal. If something else raises its head, I will get back with you and post it, here. In the meantime, I’m going to call this one good.

2021-04-17, 23:00: Day 3. Felt much better today. About 90% of normal, with just a few minor twinges of very light “ugh.”

2021-04-16, 22:14: Not much to report. Blah all day with a 99.2 to 100.4 fever. Managed to throw together a good graphic earlier this morning. Spent the afternoon on the phone talking with five callers. I never get five callers in a single day! Thank you, all. ๐Ÿ™‚

20:43: Sorry for the delay, but I decided to reset my Windows 10 installation. Way too many deep installs of things like SQL server and others. Things were getting slow. So, I’ve been pushing through that all day long, with just a short 80-min nap for the vaccine. Doing okay. Mild temp of 99 deg F. Feeling tired, so I’ll be going to bed, soon. Ciao.

10:33: Feeling more tired than anything else. Only got about 4 hours of sleep. All the wacko anti-vaxxer bullshit out there has me on edge. “It’s like combat, Son. Of course it’s dangerous. But it’s a hell of a lot less dangerous than doing nothing and letting the enemy overwhelm you.” Indeed. Covid-19 remains roughly 5,000 times more deadly than the vaccine, and more than 43,000 times more injurious than the vaccine.

09:17: Just beginning to experience some symptoms. Diffuse and extremely mild. Will keep you updated.

07:55: Wanted to treat myself to In-N-Out Burger, but they don’t open until 10:00 AM. Darn! Stopped by Wendy’s, instead. Rarity, as I haven’t eaten out in quite a while. Wendy’s breakfast burger comes with with eggs and bacon. Yummy! The breakfast fries were more like oven-baked potato wedges, although these were probably deep fat fried, as are normal fries.

07:35: 15-minute waiting period, required to detect and treat any sign of anaphylaxis (very rare, but serious, thankfully imminently treatable). No issues.

07:20: Second Covid-19 vaccination (Pfizer) received. No issues.

2021-04-15, 07:00: No update or change from 7:23 pm on March 21, 2021. Same then as things were weeks and months before. Yes, I still love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ i.e. the Son and our Father Almighty God in Heaven. No, I haven’t become a zombie. No, my DNA wasn’t rewritten. No, a tracking chip didn’t come with the shot. Any other foolish conspiracies floating around out there?


19:23: As I’m fully back to normal, I’m going to quit right here. I’ll see you again just after I get my second shot.

19:22: Didn’t get a lot done. Some writing here and there. Talked to a few friends on the phone.

9:23: Woke up. Refreshed, but a bit groggy. Fog lifted mid-way through my first cup of coffee. Normal day. A bit on the tired side, understandable given the previous day’s rip-roaring with energy.

2021-3-21, 3:00: Still up. Talk about loads of energy… I kept waiting for sleep to hit, but no dice. Two days of restfulness and sleeping 10 hours a night must have overloaded my tanks. Finally feeling tired. Good nutrition all day, and fewer than average calories. Got loads of stuff done!

2021-3-20, 9:00: Slept 10 hours second day in a row. No fever. Active with plenty of energy all day.

20:00: Fever broke about an hour ago, and it’s stayed down, so I’m probably over the reaction to the vaccination. I am tired, though, and am looking forward to hitting the hay at 8:40 pm.

14:30: Just resting. I’m feeling no internal push to do much else. Fever’s hovering around 99-100 deg. Everyone loves pie and ice cream, right? Somehow, it just seemed to hit the spot. ๐Ÿ™‚

10:30: Just a little stiff, with a slight fever (99 deg F), and happy to sit. No loss in strength, though. I bounded up the stairs like normal. Breakfast of eggs, bread, butter and jam. We’ll see how the day progresses, but I’m predicting much the same as yesterday evening, and that I’ll be 100% by tomorrow.

2021-3-19, 6:40: Although I’d set my alarm for 4:40, I woke up tired and punched off my alarm clock. Two hours later I was well-rested with 10 hours, got up and started my day.

20:38: Bedtime (published half an hour ahead of time. This time allows me a full 8 hours of rest before waking up at astronomical twilight.

19:51: I’ve been yawning quite a bit since 17:30. Then again, I only got about 6 hours of sleep last night, whereas I average around 8 hours of sleep. Same degree of fever. I’ve taken nothing for it. Just water and normal food. Apetite is normal. No reduction in strength or coordination, but I do feel like I could have used a nap. Very mild soreness at the injection sight. I had two eggs and a piece of buttered bread and jam for dinner.

14:00: I’m beginning to experience a slight fever, around 99 deg F. Ate lunch of salad and a slice of apple pie. Cup of coffee.

12:30: Only very mild fatigue.

2021-3-18, 09:00: I received the first of two Pfizer Covid-19 vaccinations. I’d eaten a normal breakfast of cereal, milk and a banana at 7:00, before downing half a cup of coffee and heading to the location for the immunizations. No sign of any reaction during the mandatory 15 minute wait.

Updated: April 18, 2021 — 9:01 pm