Milankovitch Cycles Drive Climate Change

Just came across this little gem from the Global Warming aka Climate Change Alarmists:

climate change

Comparing the last 100 years to Earth’s climate is numerically equivalent to figuring out what an elephant looks like based on an eyelash lacking any DNA whatsoever. More specifically, as Earth is nearing the peak of its FIFTH Interglacial Warming Period of the last 420,000 years, you CANNOT determine what is normal by focusing on the last 100 years.

That’s INSANE, people.

We CAN, however, examine the TOTALITY of the evidence to find out what’s REALLY going on.

In order to determine what is normal, you must examine ALL FIVE Interglacial Warming Periods, in addition to how key climate indicators changed throughout each one. You CANNOT take a tiny 100-year sliver (0.024% i.e. 1 part in 4,200) and glean ANY useful information about what is NORMAL. That’s ignorant, stupid, and ultimately, INSANE.

When you DO conduct the PROPER analysis, even though your sample remains at n=5, you will find that two of the five Interglacial Warming Periods had higher temperatures, CO2 levels, CH4 (methane) levels, and sea level rises than we’re currently experiencing!

ERGO, YES – THE PAST 100 YEARS IS EXTREMELY NORMAL. That’s NORMAL, people, as it NOT out of the ordinary.

Interglacial Warming Periods, brief periods within every Glacial Cycle, are caused by Milankovitch Cycles, resulting from the combined effects of variations in Earth’s axial tilt, orbital eccentricity, longitude of perihelion, and precession:

climate change
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Those four factors cause a change in the daily-average insolation of the Norther Hemisphere as compared to the Southern Hemisphere, which results in difference in heating due to significant land mass variations, resulting in glacial periods as measured y both benthic forams and Vostok ice core samples.

More specifically, the combined effects of these variations create significant changes in the daily-average insolation at the top of the atmosphere at 65 deg N. As significantly greater areas of land exist above the equator than below, and land and sea react differently to insolation, the variation of Northern Hemisphere insolation results in variations in Earth’s mean global temperature, which in turn drives vegetation growth, snow and ice coverage, and seawater CO2 sequestration.Put simply, Earth’s temperature, sea level rise, and concentrations of both CO2 and CH4 (methane) are all result of (not the cause of) temperatures variations produced by the Milankovitch cycles.

Not only were humans not around in sufficient numbers, much less in any industrialized state, to have ANY impact on the other four Interglacial Periods, but there’s absolutely NOTHING humans can do to change the orbital variations of the Earth which cause the Milankovitch Cycles which drive the Glacial Cycles including our current Interglacial Warming Period.


In fact, doing so is as likely to SCREW UP Earth’s climate as anything else. Regardless, as Glacial Periods are NORMAL, there’s absolutely NOTHING we should do to try and “fix” it.

You DON’T “fix” normal. That’s INSANE, especially when you’re talking about our entire planet on which we humans depend for our very lives. Instead, you learn to live in harmony with it. If the sea levels rise another 15 feet, then you either build on stilts or move inland.

Regardless, the Earth WILL get much colder when it reaches the end of the current Interglacial Warming Period and changes in northern latitude insolation cause temperatures to plummet. This isn’t instantaneous. The start may be just 5 years away, 500, or even several thousand. In fact, it may have already begun, as temperatures have been significantly cooler than nearly all of the IPCC models have predicted.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, limiting yourself to the past 100 years is about as myopically IGNORANT AND STUPID as examining a person’s toe-nail when you’re trying to get an accurate description of their face.

GROW A BRAIN, people. That is NOT science. Studying, understanding, and applying detailed knowledge of the Milankovitch Cycles and the Interglacial Warming Periods they cause, knowing full well that two of the last four IWP cycles were warmer than current conditions, now THAT’S SCIENCE.

Yes, people, I AM a scientist. I have two degrees in science, three total, and two graduate degrees, each with a technical concentration, both of which I graduated at the top of my class. I have been a data analyst for the last 32 years, including in a number of positions I held during my twenty-year career in the U.S. Military.

I’m not saying I know more than others. I AM saying, however, that ignoring the wealth of data we have of the roughly 84,000 year average length of Glaciation as driven by Milankovitch Cycles while focusing on the exceedingly tiny slice of the last 100 years is IGNORANT AS HELL.

Either that or those who keep asking for government grants to “fix” the FICTICIOUS “climate change problem” are ROBBING THE ENTIRE WORLD BLIND at EVERYONE’S expense.

It is long past due for the entire world to come together and tell the Climate Change BANDITS to GO TO HELL, that we will NOT allow them to subject the rest of us to ECONOMIC SLAVERY.

Have a good day, People.

Updated: November 4, 2021 — 6:46 pm