Members of the House and the Senate ARE OFFICERS and SUBJECT TO IMPEACHMENT

I recently came across a rather curious piece of Congressional garbage.

The House has been dodging responsibility since the get-go: “Blount’s (1797) impeachment trial—the first ever conducted—established the principle that Members of Congress and Senators were not “Civil Officers” under the Constitution, and accordingly, they could only be removed from office by a two-thirds vote for expulsion by their respective chambers…”

What complete and utter malarkey! Sheer buffoonery!

The ONLY ones who can remove government OFFICERS are OTHER OFFICERS. This, too, is spelled out in the Fifth Amendment’s mention of a “trial by one’s peers.”

So, the House is saying, “We’re not officers, but the members of the Senate are?” Then why would the precedent claim neither the House nor the Senate are comprised of officers? If members of the Senate are not officers, then they cannot remove officers from office.

This violates a rule that’s been in place in nearly all cultures for millennia: ONLY officers can charge and/or try officers.

Thus, members of the Senate MUST be civil officers, and since they’re civil officers, so much be members of the House.

Finally, both members of the Senate and the House take oaths of OFFICE, they fill CIVIL positions i.e. “hold OFFICE,” so there’s absolutely zero doubt in my mind that they are indeed CIVIL OFFICERS under the Constitution and CAN be removed from office via the full impeachment process.

Thus, Blount’s impeachment trial did NOT at all establish that Members of Congress (House and Senate) somehow not “officers.” Rather, it was a pathetic attempt by unscrupulous members of the House to absolve themselves of responsibility and repercussion while increasing their power over the people. It was a childish and highly irresponsible exercise in complete buffoonery and established NO SUCH THING AS CLAIMED.

OF COURSE THEY ARE OFFICERS! And, yes, they ARE impeachable! If they were not officers, they would have NO AUTHORITY to charge, much less try either an officer of the court (Supreme Court Justice) or the Chief Executive Officer of the United States, President Trump.

No, Pelosiy, you can NOT have it both ways. With Power comes Responsibility. If Congress isn’t composed of officers, then they would only be an advisory board with no veto authority, no authority to confirm nominations, and out of the checks and balances loop altogether. They would hold no authority over other officers in our tricameral system of government.

It’s HIGH TIME the Senate takes steps to reaffirm REALITY so that when We the People reverse the Demoncrap stranglehold (stronghold) on the House, Lord willing, the House CAN IMPEACH PELOSI for HER HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, along with Schiff, Schumer, and EVERYONE who participated in this utterly disgraceful and heinously un-Constitutional injustice, with a simple 51% vote, and the Senate CAN try and convict Pelosi et al with a two-thirds vote.

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