The Medical Science Behind Transgenderism and Athletic Competition

Transgender track stars” Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood can speak out all they want.  What they and their supporters are claiming violate very well-known and long-proven medical FACT.

Here’s what those FACTS have to say:

1. A genetic male begins producing testosterone between weeks 9 and 12, changing the body, including differentiation of sexual organs.  Sex differences in humans have been studied in a variety of fields. In humans, biological sex is determined by five factors present at birth: the presence or absence of a Y chromosome, the type of gonads, the sex hormones, the internal reproductive anatomy (such as the uterus), and the external genitalia.  Genetic sex is determined solely by the presence or absence of a Y chromosome.

2. Even well before puberty, the female skeleton is generally less massive, smoother, and more delicate than the male. Its rib cage is more rounded and smaller, its lumbar curve greater, and a generally longer and smaller female waist results from the chest being more narrow at the base, and the pelvis generally not as high. The pelvis is, in general, different between the human female and male skeleton. It differs both in overall shape and structure. The female pelvis, adapted for gestation and childbirth, is less high, but proportionately wider and more circular than in the male; its sacrum—the triangular bone at the upper posterior of the pelvic cavity, serving as base of the spine—is also wider. The female pelvis is tilted anteriorly, often resulting in the more sway-backed appearance.

Even well before puberty, boys, on average, have significantly greater muscle mass, physiological leverage, overall muscle strength, and run faster than girls.

The changes in body structure are sufficiently pronounced by the fourth grade that both male and female school children between 9 and 12 years old can, with an accuracy exceeding 80%, correctly identify the sex of their same-aged peers by looking at face-only (no hair, makeup, or jewelry) photographs.

Indeed, the scholarly article entitled, “Genetic influences on the development of grip strength in adolescence” clearly reveals “Enhanced physical strength is a secondary sex characteristic in males. Sexual dimorphism in physical strength far exceeds sex differences in stature or total body mass, suggesting a legacy of intense sexual selection.”

Furthermore, a study by “Leyk, D., et al. “Hand-grip strength of young men, women and highly trained female athletes.” European journal of applied physiology 99.4 (2007): 415-421.” reveals that even an average human male has greater grip strength than female Olympic athletes.

3. At puberty, these sexually dimorphic differences accelerate, resulting in young men and young women capable of successful reproduction, not to mention significant physical differences in bony structure that no amount of subsequent anti-androgen administration can erase.  Indeed, forensic anthropologists can determine the sex of a human skeleton by quick examination of many different sexually dimorphic skeletal characteristics.

4. The administration of testosterone-suppression drugs, even if begun before puberty, do NOT reverse the significantly distinct physiological characteristics and both strength and mechanical advantage which has already developed.

In summary, regardless of when they began taking anti-androgen drugs, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood have, since birth, been developing the masculine raw muscle strength and mechanical joint leverage advantages which enable them to beat genetic females.

Allowing them or any other MTF transgender people to compete against genetic females is a HEINOUS affront to the spirit of fair competition throughout the world of sports, not to mention firmly established medical science. The various legislative bodies who signed off allowing MTF transgenders to compete with genetic females are obviously totally ignorant, grossly mislead, or attempting to advance an agenda contrary to every known medical and scientific finding on sexual dimorphism.

STOP this madness. NOW.

Let them compete in academia, where there is no known sexually dimorphic advantage.  Environment, yes.  Genetically, no.

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