Media Incapable of Even Formulating the Gun Problem

Given the fact that “Roughly two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides,” please tell me what percentage of those were committed with the OWNER’S firearm and what percentage were committed with someone ELSE’S firearm? In particular, I would like it broken down thusly:

Suicide committed with the OWNER’S firearm: X%
Suicide committed with someone ELSE’S firearm: Y%
– firearm owned by an IMMEDIATE family member: A%
– firearm owned by an EXTENDED family member: B%
– firearm owned by a friend, acquaintance, or their immediate or extended family: C%
– firearm owned by someone unknown to the suicide victim: D%

Such that: X%+Y%=100%
Such that: A%+B%+C%+D%=Y%

This information is VITAL in determining both IF and WHAT might be done to mitigate the issue.

If you’re incapable of properly formulating the question, you can NOT answer it as a journalist.

Author: patriot

It was a distinct honor, as well as my pleasure, to serve my country for more than twenty years. I love my country, but sometimes I'm not too happy with its leaders. I'm working to change that, and I could use your help. Please join me! Thanks. : ) - Patriot

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