Media Guide to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration

FED UP with the blithering idiots in Mudstream Media who cannot spend the short amount of time required to research PROPER TERMINOLOGY, much less learn about the basic ins and outs of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration, I began putting together the following graphic in December of 2018. It was 90% in a day, but I’ve modified and tweaked it weekly over the last six months in order to make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN IT COMPLIES WITH ALL HIGHER LAW.

By “complies with all higher law,” I mean if a state law says one thing but federal law says another and jurisdiction falls to the feds, the this infographic comports with federal law. Similarly, if federal law says one thing, but the Constitution says another, then this infographic comports with the Constitution. Same goes for all levels of law and case law.

NOTE: In those instances where the law clearly says one thing and case law grossly interprets it incorrectly i.e. “legislating from the bench,” I tossed the errant judge’s opinion and went with the law as it is written, provided it complied with all higher law.

If you would like to critique it, by all means, go ahead. Please cite Article, Section, opinion, case law, CFR, state law, or other. Seriously – I invite and welcome all informed feedback. I might just learn something! If so, I will modify and republish the chart accordingly.

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