On November 3, 2020, by Midnight: President Trump was 5.8% ahead in Michigan, with 2,179,327 votes to Biden’s 1,941,145 votes. This is Group A.

On November 4, 2020, by Noon: Biden was 0.7% ahead with 2,637,292 votes to Trump’s 2,599,944 votes. This is Group A+B.

Sounds legit, right?


Let me explain WHY:

1. Michigan counted their mail-in ballots, first, and an overwhelming preponderance of mail-in ballots belong to Democrats, whereas an overwhelming preponderance of those who voted at the polls were Republicans.

2. A total of 1,116,764 votes were added, resulting in an increase of 27.1% of the votes. Trump added 420,617 (19.3%) while Biden added 696,147 (35.9%).

Thus, Biden was “SOMEHOW” adding votes at nearly TWICE the rate of President Trump, even though they’d been within 10% of each other the entire night during the first 80% of the vote count! You can’t have one candidate ahead of the other by 6%, then the other candidate ahead of the first by 86% during the last 20% of the voting.

That’s the statistical equivalent of an F-15 fighter jet trying to pull 85 g’s – 85 times the force of gravity. When lightly loaded, it can pull 10 g’s all day long (but the pilot can’t). If you subject it to 20 g’s, however, you’ll definitely bend the air frame, if not catastrophically break it. At 30 g’s, you’re definitely breaking that plane, and probably into multiple pieces. At 40 g’s, still less than half that 85 g load, we now have multiple tiny pieces.

It’s the same with the last 20% of votes. Yes, they can be different than the first 80%, but the question is, “How different?” We’re not talking about 20 or even 50 votes, here. We’re talking about more than 5,000,000 (million) votes. If all votes were counted at random, that last 20% would be nearly indistinguishable from the first 80%. As it is, they’re being pulled in from different and politically disparate districts. The sharp departure in the last 20%, however, greatly exceeds the capability of any district in Michigan to produce such a difference between vote counts between Trump and Biden, much less several districts as a whole.

3. HERE’S THE KICKER: Biden’s increase, during the last 20% of the votes, was 85.8% — NEARLY DOUBLE that of Trump’s. Group B consists of 420,617 votes for Trump and 696,147 votes for Biden.


Let’s see… Who is Michigan’s Governor?


GRETCHEN WHITMER, the flagrantly anti-Constitutional violator of Michiganers’ rights who was resoundingly slapped down by the U.S. Supreme Court just a few weeks ago, and who has been repeatedly admonished by President Trump for her UNLAWFUL BEHAVIOR.
Conclusion: MICHIGAN’S VOTE COUNTS WERE RIGGED, padded this morning with “just enough” FALSIFIED Biden votes to eek out an apparent victory.

Michigan tipped their hand, however, when they FAILED to realize just how massively skewed the last 20% of “votes” were from the first 80%.


The proof of voter fraud is fairly simple. Any statistician can calculate it. I’m amazed, however, that Gretchen Whitmer is so drunk with power she thinks no one will either notice it or be able to prove it.

Similarly “magic” midair turns of 86 times the force of gravity appear to have happened in other states, as well. You can use the same Group A vs Group B approach to determine whether they’re legit or the result of a massively FRAUDULENT dump of FAKE BALLOTS, or worse, just pencil-whipping the final tally.


The first 80% of the votes had President Trump at 52.9% and Biden at 47.1%.

The last 20% of the votes have President Trump at 37.7% and Biden at 62.3%.

That’s a reversal with a 28.8% lower rate of votes for Trump than expected and a 32.3% greater rate of votes for Biden than expected, for a total change of 61.1% in the last 20% of voting. The total difference between Trump’s additional votes and Biden’s additional votes is 85.8%. Compare that to the first 80% where Trump was 5.8% ahead.

You can NOT have a candidate like Biden (or even Superman) go from being 5.8% behind in the first 80% of voting to being 24.7% ahead (a change of 30%) in the last 20% of voting.


I do not have the time nor the data to conduct a rigorous, time-series statistical analysis on a precinct by precinct basis. The evidence at hand, however, is enough to fully and accurately conclude that election fraud occurred in the State of Michigan, and that federal election investigators should launch such a detailed and rigorous study to determine precisely when and where the fake ballot dumping, pencil-whipping, or both occurred.

Then, I, for one, would very much like to see officials at the highest levels, including the governor’s office, charged to the hilt for their flagrantly unlawful acts which violated the rights of the citizens of Michigan.


President Trump won the highest share (percentage) of non-white voters of any Republican president sine 1960. This ALONE indicates the Demoncrap vote is FAKE.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this, I’ve written two other treatises on the 2020 election fraud. The first one, here, updates this article. The second one, here, examines evidence from other states and other researchers, concluding a total of 79 electoral votes must be rightfully moved back where they belong in President Trump’s corner. Failure to do so constitutes complicity, not merely of election fraud, but of an attempted coup, a treasonable offense punishable by life in prison, and in serious circumstances, the death penalty.

Updated: January 2, 2021 — 9:52 pm