Masks PROVEN Effective

Dismal News: “Americans will wear masks for ‘several years’ due to coronavirus: expert

Then along comes this guy:

“Only the dumbasses will wear mask — us people that have some intelligence will never bow down”

Some arrogant anti-masker on Facebook — typical of many anti-maskers on Facebook

Too bad he has only “some” intelligence instead of enough to recognize his own ignorance (meaning – lacking knowledge). His is a classic example of “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). Indeed, “The mocker seeks wisdom and finds none, but knowledge comes easily to the discerning” (Proverbs 14:6).

REALITY: If we ALL wear masks 100%, the expert’s prediction will not occur. Otherwise, the expert is correct: If enough people run around without masks, those anti-maskers can, by their own stupidity, arrogance, complacency, laziness and oft-repeated misinformation, drag out the recovery from COVID-19 for everyone, killing another 100,000 or more in the process.

Do we need to “lock it down” as the expert suggest? No. The expert is forgetting that protection is portable. That only works, however, if people wear PPE. If they refuse, then there’s no longer any system-wide protection, leaving legislators and executives little choice but to lock things down again.

So, anti-maskers, it’s YOU who are crashing our economy. YOU are in control of whether or not more lock-downs are in store for America. If you wear masks, protection is achieved. If you refuse, then it is YOU who have destroyed the wall of protection for us all.

“Bu-bu-bu-but masks don’t work!”


“South Korea … had rapid community spread that tracked the trajectory in Italy in the initial weeks. Then, in late February 2020, the government provided a regular supply of masks to every citizen. From that point, everything changed. As Italy’s death count accelerated to horrific levels, South Korea’s actually started DECREASING.”

“In some countries that introduced mask-wearing, other measures such as strict social distancing, school closures, and cancellation of public events happened at around the same time. Even in these cases, we can find relevant comparisons. For instance, European neighbors Austria and Czechia introduced social distancing requirements on the same date, but Czechia also introduced mandatory mask wearing. The Austrian case rate continued its upward trajectory, whilst Czechia’s flattened out. It wasn’t until Austria also introduced mask laws weeks later that the two counties returned to similar trajectories.”

“Importantly, in EVERY country and EVERY time period where mask usage has been encouraged through laws, or where masks were provided to citizens, case and death rates have fallen.”


“Bu-bu-bu-but… Herd immunity!”

Far too many people when most should know better. Indeed, a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.


The Swedish public health authority announced in late April that the capital city, Stockholm, was “showing signs of herd immunity” – estimating that about half its population had been infected. The authority had to backtrack two weeks later, however, when the results of their own antibody study revealed just 7.3% had been infected. But the number of deaths and infections in Stockholm is falling rather than increasing – despite the fact that Sweden hasn’t enforced a lockdown.

Let’s compare the US and Sweden right now, shall we?

Amazingly, Sweden actually has a lower total case rate than the U.S., despite their incessant testing. First, contrary to popular misconception, case rates are not the result of incessant testing. Second, Sweden strongly recommended wearing masks, and the Swedish people aren’t fools. Most of them wore masks. In fact, the US active case rate is 168% higher than Sweden right now because far too many anti-maskers in the US failed to wear masks, hence the resurgence.

The USS Roosevelt is the only case study where healthy, active people were all likely exposed. Roughly 850 out of 5,000, or 17% of the crew were infected. Extrapolating both the US and Sweden’s current fatalities, and the the US is likely to reach a death total of 241,640 (1 in 1,365) whereas Sweden is likely to reach a death total of 12,685 (1 in 804), which is nearly twice the rate of the U.S. Why? Because they tried “herd immunity” and are failing at it, miserably.


“Cloth masks, worn by an infected person are highly effective at protecting the people around them. This is known as “source control”. And it is source control that matters in the debate about whether the public should wear masks. If you have COVID-19 and cough on someone from 8 inches away, wearing a cotton mask will reduce the amount of virus you transmit to that person by over 90%, and is even more effective than a surgical mask.”


If DIY cloth (denim, canvas, bed-sheets) masks block 50% of inhaled particles and 90% of exhaled particles, here’s the math:

CEFR = 1-(1-IFR)*(1-EFR)*(1-SDEFR)

CEFR: Total Filtration Rate
IFR: Inhalation Filtration Rate
EFR: Exhalation Filtration Rate
SDEFR: Social Distancing Effective Filtration Rate

We know from proven tests that the Inhaled Filtration Rate of properly-designed, constructed, and sewn DIY cloth masks using denim, canvas, and doubled-up bed-sheet material is about 48%.

We know from proven tests the Exhalation Filtration Rate of these masks is 90%, as the particles are large, being closer to their source, and cotton, being highly hydrophillic, is an excellent filtration material for wet particles.

We know from proven tests the Social Distancing Effective Filtration Rate for 6′ and no more than 10 is around 34%.

Taken together, you get a CEFR of 96.6%

HEY! Guess what? That’s the SAME as an N95 in close proximity with an infected person, and it translates to a 29 times reduction in viral load (1/(1-.966)).

That’s HUGE, people. It’s enough to turn a day full of infections into a day full of sunshine.


It’s about everyone’s right to breath viral-free air again as soon as practically possible, and by practical, I mean keeping businesses open!

And yes, I am a DIE-HARD Constitutionalist and Armed Forces Veteran, as well as a realist with 11 years of collegiate and graduate education and 35 years broad and in-depth work experience in a variety of fields from ditch-digging, pool management and accounting to engineering, aviation and data analysis.

So I most certainly DO know what the Hell I’m talking about.

Nor is this my opinion. It’s PROVEN MEDICAL FACT (something Faucci appears to have lost). Based on extensive knowledge and experience, however, I concur.

“Bu-bu-bu-but viruses are way too small for masks to filter!”


The size of the virus particle itself is not relevant to any discussion of mask filtration. This is because virus particles never float freely in the air, but are always at least suspended in a droplet nuclei ten times larger than the virus itself. A droplet containing a single particle will on average start out 270 times larger than the virion, and will evaporate to nuclei of 50 times larger than the virion.

Will you EVER learn to do your own CREDIBLE research? Or are you going to go through the rest of your life cherry-picking support for errant and scientifically unsupportable opinions?

Grow a brain!

Having established their proof beyond any reasonable doubt, I give you the following, but with some caveats:

First, it’s SIX feet i.e. two meters, not one meter.

Second, because the SARS-CoV-2 virus can live for up to 7 days, either space your excursions a week apart, or break out the sewing machine and make a few more, at least enough to carry you between laundry days. Toss dirty masks in the laundry, along with your clothes after each day’s wear.

Third, contrary to WHO depictions, there really are white (Caucasians) on planet Earth.

Fourth, at least WHO got the graphic mostly correct.

Fifth, I’m still glad President Trump announced he’d withdraw U.S. support for the WHO. The rest of the world might need the WHO, but we have the CDC, and there’s no use funding both, particularly when the WHO’s repeated insistence that masks aren’t necessary is a HUGE reason case rates raged throughout Europe, almost as if the WHO were actually trying to kill off Caucasians…


Ohio’s Responsible Protocols is DEAD ON TRACK with reality. Short, simple, to the point, and absolutely accurate. The CDC and many state governments put out mountains of information when all businesses needed was THIS SINGLE PAGE INFOGRAPHIC:


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