Life Skills – U.S. Navy

How do I address this one, when I wasn’t even in the Navy? Hmm… I think I’ll let the Navy speak for itself! First, they already have. What you learned in Boot Camp is a great start, and I’m certain the Navy hasn’t stopped training you in one way or the other ever since.


I think you’ve got this wired: Keep your head down, pay attention, work hard, study hard, and be polite, respectful, and professional. Become and remain the consummate expert on your duties. Have fun when you can, but don’t overdo it. Stay out of trouble. Protect that security clearance, as it’s worth a lot on the outside.


The Navy recently consolidated more than a dozen different commissioning paths into one: STA-21. Also known as the Seaman to Admiral program, “the Navy combined most of these current commissioning paths into one consolidated program that preserves the Seaman to Admiral name made popular by Admiral Boorda: Seaman to Admiral-21 (STA-21). The STA-21 Commissioning Program is designed to meet the goals of the Navy in the 21st Century, while at the same time creating a fair and equitable system for outstanding active duty Sailors to receive a top-notch college education and become commissioned officers. “

STA-21 This link includes an overview of the program, various options, Pay & Allowances questions (both +’s and -‘s), eligibility requirements, education, and pre-arrival PT requirements.