LIAR Raskin urges Pelosi to do what’s NO LONGER HERS to do

Too late! The MOMENT Speaker Pelosi banged her gavel following the vote, President Trump stood impeached. At that moment, according to the United States Constitution, the House’s reach ENDED.

“The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.” – Article I, Section 2, Clause 5

They exercised that power, and at the moment of final tally, the scope of their exercise was OVER.

The House impeaches. They did that. It was ALL OVER the news: TRUMP IMPEACHED. Yes, he was, and the House’s job was DONE. FINISHED.

“The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.” – Article I, Section 3, Clause 6

Yes, it does, and their Constitutional authority to exercise that Power began the MOMENT President Trump was impeached.

And another thing… You people keep mentioning “impeachment managers.”

I’m not going to even begin asking where in the Constitution you think you have any such power to “assist” the Senate, much less “interfere,” as the Constitution is VERY EXPLICIT in saying you most certainly DO NOT.

Both Clause 5 and Clause 6 stress not only each of the house’s powers, but also that their powers are SOLE powers, as in “the SOLE Power of Impeachment” and “the SOLE Power to try all Impeachments.”

Definition of sole: being the only one; having no sharer; functioning independently and without assistance or interference; belonging exclusively or otherwise limited to one usually specified individual, unit or group.

Clear enough? Our Founding Fathers made it emphatically clear there is to be NO cross-talk between the House of Representatives and the Senate during impeachment and the trial.


Getting the picture? There’s absolutely ZERO room for any sort of “impeachment manager,” particularly one appointed by the House to “assist” much less interfere with the Senate. That’s WHY our Founding Fathers used the word “sole,” not once, but twice.

They knew best that each chamber would, by far, be best at their tasks if they weren’t dealing with any sort of influence from the other, AT ALL.

They knew best that each chamber should be completely free to form their OWN opinion, free from any sort of manipulation, coercion, misdirection, or even well-intentioned influence.

They knew best that regardless of whether both chambers were dominated by the same party or different parties, in order to arrive at a completely independent consensus, rather than a group-think rabbit hole, each chamber required complete and utter independence from one another.

Hence, their use of the word, SOLE, a term which specifically and expressly PROHIBITS any such cross-chamber “impeachment manager.”

The Senate WILL conduct it’s OWN trial proceedings.

Now, with all due respect to Representative Jamie Raskin, D-MD, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, you “presented the panel’s case for impeachment to the House Rules Committee.” Thus, you are NOT impartial, yet here you are arguing for everything our United States Constitution PROHIBITS.

Any guess as to this cat’s REAL motives, class? Yeah. I thought so, too.
So, Representative Raskin, you participated in the impeachment and here you are, a typical Democrat, bending over backwards trying to UNLAWFULLY influence the Senate’s conduct of its impeachment trial.

You are PATHETIC, Sir. You’re a sick excuse for a human being, much less any sort of law-abiding citizen and FAR less any sort of honest leader with integrity. You have ZERO integrity. You know the Constitution as well as I do, yet there you sit VIOLATING it at every turn.

DEAR AMERICA: Raskin is a prime example of the sick, twisted people who are trying to pull the wool over YOUR eyes, blind YOU to all YOUR rights to a fair and impartial trial of YOUR duly-elected President of YOUR country.

He is LYING to you. Please, for the love of God Almighty, WAKE UP and STOP ELECTING LYING, CHEATING, STEALING Democrats!

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