Lawful Use of Deadly Force

Did you instigate the conflict? EXIT

Did you in any way, shape, manner or form add to the conflict? EXIT

Seriously, if you’re the antagonist, get lost. Not only do you have ZERO legal standing, you’re likely the source of the problem rather than the solution.

Having watched all episodes of Supernatural, which eminently qualified me to talk about all matters of law enforcement throughout all time between 13.7 billion years ago to somewhere far beyond 10^106 (ref) here’s what I’ve learned (it’s pretty much in line with what I already knew for decades before):

Unless you yourself or in combination with others are violating local, county, state or federal law in any way, shape, manner or form which requires Constitutionally lawful intervention by law enforcement officers at any of the aforementioned levels:

If someone is doing or attempting to do bodily harm (life or limb) to either yourself of those within your immediate vicinity i.e. visible and physical proximity such that you can reasonable stop them from doing such harm by whatever means at your disposal without visiting unreasonable risk of harm upon others, then all such efforts towards that end shall be held null and void with respect any mentioned law and in fact COMMENSURATE with the law’s DUTY of protecting all innocent people from harm.

Naturally, this raises the question with respect to stray shots, even though a very long history has distinctively shown armed citizens are very hesitant about shooting in the first place, and very good about making each and every shot reach its intended target.

How good? Review this graphic, and no, I didn’t make the main blue part, but it appears to be in good stead with a wide variety of supporting material:

Ignore the “Critical Analysis.”

Let’s just say (or rather, logically confer) I suspect most of the difference has to do with the average armed citizen’s reluctance to fire in the first place. I base this on having reviewed dozens of citizen vs law enforcement firings.
In recent years, however, this reluctance on the part of citizens has translated into increased emphasis on departmental procedures to the point of actually putting the lives of law enforcement offices in risk of life or limb.

Updated: February 29, 2020 — 5:00 am