Kill The Congressional Pork Before The Pork Kills U.S.

By far, the greatest Congressional threat to our freedoms is the pork they’re allowed to shove into each and every bill, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the bill.  They do so to curry political favor, but it’s at our expense, to the tune of millions, if not billions of dollars for each and every member of Congress.

It’s why I fully support a line-item veto.  It wouldn’t matter if the President is rampantly conservative or rampantly liberal – he’d take heat for allowing pork to pass, and the publicity would help curb pork from Congress.  Ultimately, it would lead to a 28th Amendment along the lines of “One issue per bill, no exceptions.”

Our nation was founded by disciplined men, many of whom were lawyers.  The idea of stuffing a bill with pork was as foreign to them then as trying to argue a client out of a parking ticket in divorce court would be today.  The judge would laugh, if not throw them out of court.  Then, as now, the presiding judge would toss the motion as inappropriate, without question.  We need a similar restriction against Congress tossing our hard-earned dollars out the window on JUNK.

Somewhere along the line, stuffing good, decent bills with pork became a favorite pastime of Congress.  The vast majority of bills signed by Presidents over the last thirty years are stuffed with costly measures having absolutely nothing to do with the bill, that benefit very few people, but are paid for by all of us, either directly or indirectly.  To that end, I am stirring up a grass-roots movement to put the money-spending power of Congress back in the hands of the people.  Out nation is in MASSIVE debt, and it will not recover until the massive leaks through which Congress is shoving our money are plugged.  This isn’t a trickle.  We’re talking about Titanic-sized gushes and America will suffer the same fate as the Titanic if these gaping holes aren’t plugged.  Our country went from $9 Trillion to $17 Trillion in debt in just four years.  There’s only 310 Million people in the U.S.,  only half of which have jobs.  Do the math, and one way or another, that’s more than $100 THOUSAND dollars out of everyone’s pockets.

That’s far more than a down-payment on a mortgage.  It’s one third to one half of a very nice home.  It’s the difference between being stuck with rent the rest of your life and living out the American dream.  It’s the difference between owning and being owned.  Those who think “the government will just take care of us” are just stupid.  The point of this whole article is that the government is BROKEN.  If it’s not fixed, and soon, the government won’t be taking care of anyone ever again.  Many people will starve, and yes, that’s “starve to death.”  They may say, “That’ll never happen here!  This is America!”  The same was said by the hundreds millions of starving people throughout the 20th Century, who also lived under governments much like that of the United States of America.  THEY’RE DEAD, and not because of time, but because they had no food, as a direct result of their governments inability to govern themselves, much less the country.

More government is less, while less government is more.  It’s an axiom our founding fathers knew very well, and which they built into our Constitution, the document which both establishes our government while strictly limiting it’s power and authority.  Several years later, they saw fit to nail the lid on the coffin of tyranny by crafting the Bill of Rights, the first ten Amendments to the Constitution which further limited the scope and authority of the federal government, and reserved any and all powers not expressly given the federal government to the States or to the People.

So:  Why are you reading this?  Simple:  YOU need to contact your Congressman NOW, so that thirty years down the road you might still have a penny to your name.  Just Google their name.  If that doesn’t work, just go to Who Is My Representative and enter your zip code.  You can find your Senators, here.