Key Speeches and Excerpts from the 2016 Republican National Convention

Alternative Title:  2016 RNC Key Speeches and Excerpts

First, Melania Trump:
Second, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani:

Third, Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., Milwaukee Country, Wisconsin:

Antonio Sabato, Jr.

More to come, along with key details and notes.

Also, when the heinously anti-American left libtards and Demoncraps come-a-slinging, we will post their filth, too, along with cross-links, detailed summaries, full-length videos (always sourced elsewhere), and various commentaries designed to seek truth, right wrongs, expose the filth and lies, and help restore the United States of America back on it’s rightful tack/track.  Which one that is, tack or track, depends on whether you’re a sailor or one of the other branches of service.  🙂