Kevin Spacey and the Clintons

Kevin Spacey was, and still is, in bed with the Clintons, possibly literally.

I’ve little doubt that Ari Behn was suicided just like Jeffrey Epstein and more than 60 others who crossed either the Clintons or their closest friends.

Kevin Spacey Accuser Ari Behn, Former Husband of Norwegian Princess, Dies by Suicide on Christmas

I’m well aware mudstream media, who is also in bed with the Clintons, notoriously and infamously so with their flagrant lies leading up to the 2016 election, has long claimed the “Clinton Hit List” has been debunked, but I’m also well aware of the rather large list of known Clinton associates who’ve braved being suicided and have come forth and said the Clinton Hit List is quite real. Most of us know people who have committed suicide. Only the Clintons known 60+ people who have been suicided.

Never forget Bill Clinton grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, mob hot spot for decades. As “one of their own,” they helped do his dirty work, if not wet work, and helped propel him to the governorship, then the presidency, sometimes by killing those who had inside dirt on the Clintons who, if they talked, would stop the Clinton’s ascendance to fame and fortune.

Of course the Clintons don’t wield the weapon. But indications abound that they’re calling the shots, tapping into the network controlling those who do, and they’ve increasingly good at making it look like suicide, backed up by high-level connections with various individuals in various state and even international chains of command capable of shutting down local investigations into their hits that don’t quite look like suicides.

“In July of this year, it was revealed that Spacey’s sexual assault criminal case in Massachusetts had been dropped…”

Gee, just like that… “Weird,” huh?

Are you beginning to see how this works, people?