Judge Arrested for Treason by “We The People”


This event is really astonishing, not because of its audacity, but because of its legality.  Yes, it’s legal.

Essentially, a judge was violating his oath of office by abusing his authority to suppress evidence and violate requisite rules of procedure.  In so doing he was trying to stack the deck against an individual for whom he, for whatever reason, thought should be hammered by “the system.”

Instead, he was hammered by the other half, those people who found his actions to be treasonous, and who acted on their authority under common law to arrest the judge and have him booked him on charges.  Interestingly enough, local law enforcement also refused to do their sworn duty by refusing to arrest the judge themselves.  In response, the people did their duty.

This has interesting implications with respect to the situation over here in America.  Many people Obama’s actions as treasonous, and have called for his impeachment because of his treason.  Yet Congress so far has refused to impeach Obama, a lack of action which has many people scratching their heads as to why.  Is it because Congress thinks it’ll go nowhere?  Are they afraid of causing civil unrest if they take action?  Does the Obama administration and his non-elected czars have strongholds over key members of Congress, such that if they act they’ll find themselves in some sort of legal or political cross-hairs?

Regardless of why Congress has refused to act on the rather obvious, if not blatant facts, the people are considering their options, beginning with simply voting out everyone in Congress who has refused to act on behalf of the people, as they were elected to do.

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Author: patriot

It was a distinct honor, as well as my pleasure, to serve my country for more than twenty years. I love my country, but sometimes I'm not too happy with its leaders. I'm working to change that, and I could use your help. Please join me! Thanks. : ) - Patriot

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