Joe Biden’s Economic MADNESS

I concur with Fox News. Biden’s complete and total lack of understanding of how ANY country’s economy actually works is utterly beyond comprehension. Not only is he FAILING at the high school level, but he’s doing so with thoroughly de-bunked economic NONSENSE.

If he loses, I predict his crap will be used in macroeconomics classes for decades to highlight just how badly someone can misunderstand economics if they FAIL TO STUDY IT THOROUGHLY.

Old Joe Biden is promoting incredibly backwards proposals the likes of which never worked the first time they were tried 120 years ago.

Biden wants to MANDATE:

  • New Tax Hikes (increases). This stagnates the economy while filtering the dollars into pennies as they pass through incredibly inefficient government hands.
  • Elimination of the Tax Cuts which Trump used to create jobs. The result WILL be rising unemployment which our government can NEVER afford to cover via welfare.
  • Measures which crush small business that employs more than HALF our nation’s people. This not only skyrockets unemployment, but it chokes federal income so much they can’t afford to operate, much less fund any social programs whatsoever.
  • Measures that have proven time and time again, not only here in the U.S., but throughout the entire world, to absolutely stifle economies and DESTROY ENTIRE NATIONS.

Whether he’s even remotely aware of it or not, Joe Biden stands for DESTRUCTION, not only of the United States of America as it exists today, but of ANY United States of America AT ALL.

NO country has EVER survived the blitheringly idiotic nonsense I watched Joe Biden spout LIVE before President Trump, the moderator and our entire nation on the night of Thursday, October 23, 2020, NOR WILL THEY.

This isn’t a matter of, “If we try hard enough…” It’s a matter of trying to drive Joe Biden’s economic train wreck through a mountain of solid granite.

Please, America – Stop voting for complete, blithering idiots!