Time to END Daylight Savings Time

If you want to review the various pros and cons of Daylight Savings Time (DST), head on over to Time and Date, where their excellent summary covers the basics. The pros are fairly weak, but the cons are not:

  • doesn’t actually save energy
  • the time change actually makes some people sick
  • costs money

Given the fact I’ve heard the pitch for more than 50 years, and it always includes “saves energy” and “saves money,” I was more than a bit surprised when I read the claims at Time and Date, then followed the links and began reading the actual statistical findings. Given the strong cons listed above, along with the weak pros, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever for people and businesses to tolerate their governments forcing them to change to DST and back six months later every year.

If you agree it’s time to END daylight savings time, then let’s all step off this insane merry-go-round together, beginning with contacting your government officials.






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