If I won the lottery…



If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I’m going to do is hire a lawyer to handle 100% of the transactions, thereby keeping the fact that I won completely anonymous from the public eye. I might even hire three lawyers, in layers, in case one or two layers are penetrated.

Next will be a a CPA to minimize the taxes, a CFA or CFP to help me put it where it’ll bear the greatest after-tax returns throughout my expected lifespan.

Finally, I’ll hire both a sports nutritionist and a personal trainer to help me maximize both the length and quality of my lifespan, and that’s all BEFORE we receive the check.

That’s what I’d do with the initial proceeds from my lottery winnings.  Then, the work begins:

  • Physical: At the gym every day
  • Mental: Going back to school to finish my masters and considering finishing my undergrad in engineering (I have a B.S. in Finance) followed by graduate-level work in engineering or related technical field.
That will keep me busy for the next five years, at which point I’ll use the lottery funds to open a new company to deliver fast, high-quality, yet inexpensive personal aircraft to the world.Serious, Cessna! You deliver the first new prop-driven general aviation aircraft in three decades and it STARTS at $325,000? Several of your competitors are fielding aircraft with similar seating, payload, velocity, and range for HALF that amount. That and and I think general aviation absolutely MUST switch to engines which burn jet fuel, which is both more widely available around the world, and far cheaper than avgas.
Rolls-Royce just came out with a turboprop geared towards the generational aviation market. At 225 lbs, it develops 320 shaft horsepower, perfect for turning most four-seat, high-velocity pressurized aircraft (250 to 350 kts) into fuel-sipping 16 mpg cross-country speed demons.