I am One – We are Many

I am one.  But we are many.


I am one of thousands who have blogs very much like this one, wherein we present, in no uncertain terms, what our country is all about, what it’s not about, and the rational and factual basis behind the difference.

I am one of tens of thousands who wrote their Representatives and Senators in Congress, reminding them that they’re not Lords who rule over us, but servants who’re there to represent us, to meet our legitimate needs, not every desire, and that they damned well better know the difference between the two.

I am one of hundreds of thousands who have long been keeping a watchful eye on our government, ever mindful of the fact that if governments were always benevolent, if they never overstepped the bounds of their authority, there would never have been any need for signed documents such as our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

I am one of millions who have spoken out in favor of the rights bestowed upon us by our Creator, and recognized in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

I am one of tens of millions who have raised the flag in response to the current administration, who has repeatedly declared war on our Constitution, our people, and our entire country, in both in word and in deed.

I am one of the hundreds of millions who see socialism for what it is — the greatest threat to civilized man our world has ever known, a threat which resulted in the murder of 135 million innocent men, women, and children in the 20th Century alone.

I am one.  But we are many.

We will not go gently into that good night.

Reagan’s “The Greater Risk”