Hypocricy, Hypocrisy Everwhere and Ne’er a Reality Think

If you’re looking for proof that Demoncraps are CRIMINALS, here it is:

Seriously — Upstanding citizens NEVER shy away from, much less vehemently oppose honest elections, open discussion and people’s ability to defend themselves against criminals both local and tyrannical.
Why, just last week I was booted from a group that claimed to be conservative. Why? Because I disagreed with one of the admins who’d taken a rather conspiratorial, if not totally unsupportable position on an issue. I was ever very nice about it.

The admin, however, was apparently incapable of having his myopic, conspiratorial world view shattered by open discussion involving reality, particularly when I began introducing *GASP!* peer-reviewed facts.

So, was he an upstanding citizen? No, he is not.

But what about the other dozen or so admins? It’s not an honorarium, people. Any admin worth his or her salt would step in, slap the idiot admin on the back of his head (hopefully verbally, rather than physically), and read him the riot act.

Did any of the other admins do that?

No, they did not. Ergo, they’re not upstanding citizens, either. They’re merely irresponsible members of an ignorant, pseudo-conservative circle jerk. Who needs friends like that? Sooner or later, whether one by one or as a group, they’ll smack into Mount Reality.

Or not. The of the best — and worst — things about our world today is that we humans have managed to make things safe enough that most people can NOT learn the hard lessons of life. People on both the left and the right drift into pockets of mutual isolation, where they reinforce one another’s falsehoods.

They’re incapable of catching their own falsehoods.

Now I know several people in the group who have avoided that mental trap. They’re thinkers, questioning everything. They don’t take anything for granted, even when it means drawing the ire of pseudo-conservatives who’re still operating under the rules of high-school cliquery: “Agree with us or you’re out.”

Sorry, no can do. I’m a realist, not a cliquist.

Fortunately, those people in the group who eschew the group’s myopia and cliquishness in favor of reality are adhering to a rather ingenious philosophy espoused by Robert A. Heinlein:

Regardless of your political persuasion, if you’re incapable of identifying and removing your own falsehoods, then no matter how bright you may be, you’ve chosen to remain ignorant.

There’s a difference between ignorance and willful ignorance. Anyone who has not yet been exposed to a piece of information is ignorant. Once exposed to both truth and falsehood, however, it becomes incumbent upon the individual to learn and hone the art and skill that is separating the chaff from the wheat.

If you fail due to lack of ability, well, then you’re still just ignorant.

Willful ignorance comes into play when you have the ability to develop discernment but you choose not to, and instead hold on to half-truths and even outright falsehoods.

Reckless endangerment, however, is reserved for those who are willfully ignorant and in the process of exerting their will and influence on others, they significantly increase risk. Everyone who encourages non-vaccinated others to either go mask-free or shovels the bullshit idea that Covid-19 is “only the flu” or “not much worse than the flu” is guilty of reckless endangerment.

Criminals cause harm. Certainly Cuomo, de Blasio, and other mayors and governors who shoved Covid-19 patients into nursing homes long after Covid-19 was identified as a deadly disease are MURDERERS and should be tried for murder. Same goes for the abortion “industry.” Giving them a pass on the basis they have “qualified immunity” is immensely dangerous to society. They MUST be held accountable for their actions.

But the same goes for forum admins who side with miscreants (or are miscreants themselves) and block the truth. They’re no better than Cuomo, de Blasio and others, regardless of whether they’re liberal or conservative, as it’s precisely the same warped, broken mentality that’s suppressing Freedom of Speech. In fact, it IS suppressing freedom of speech, in direct violation of the group rules whereby they promised they would never boot anyone for expressing their freedom of speech.

Naturally, not only is the admin who gave me the boot a hypocrite, but all other admins of the group who sat around and did nothing to right the wrong are hypocrites, as well.

Congratulations, group: You ARE the problem.