Hormuz Attacks, Iran, Sanders, and Mudstream Media

While Bernie and the mudstream media are whining left and right, forensic investigators have undoubtedly determined from bullet round fragments and residue from both the tracers as well as the limpet mine explosions, aerial, satellite, and sonar records, and communications intelligence that Iran is the culprit.

Furthermore, the Straight of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf are undoubtedly the most heavily patrolled and surveiled waters on our planet, precisely because so much of the world’s oil transits that passage.

There’s only one country that has any motive to create such a ruckus and that’s the one for whom sanctions are eliciting the same response as a three-year-old child.

It’s why they shot down the Global Hawk. That and the fact they doing like their dirty deeds being recorded.

Some damned Islamic Mullah in Iran is calling the shots, wrongly — and pathetically so — believing that “Allah” will “SOMEHOW” mask Iran’s crimes again other nations and peoples.

Yeah, right. They’ve already been unmasked.

Meanwhile, blithering idiots like Bernie Sanders and Radio dot com “journalists” play their FALSE NARRATIVE, claiming, “Oh, how do we know they did it? We must give them the benefit of the doubt…”

Don’t be so gullible, McFly.

Neither President Trump nor the U.S. as a nation is itching for war. If the specialists confirm that Iran attacked those vessels, then it’s because Iran attacked those vessels.

We DID give them the benefit of the doubt — right up to the point where investigators clearly determined from on-site physical evidence and surveillance that Iran was responsible.

What’s REALLY heinous is how willing people like Bernie Sanders and the mudstream media are to paint rabidly false narratives merely to win an election when some very serious issues hang in the balance.
We the People, not merely here in the United States, but We the People throughout all of Earth deserve the TRUTH, the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT the truth.

So if you would, Demoncrap spinners, kindly KNOCK IT OFF.

If Iran has managed to obtain nuclear weapons built by other countries, literally millions of lives could be hanging in the balance, not only those of the Iranian people, but also those of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other neighboring countries. Heck, it could even be our country, perhaps New York or San Francisco, that get whacked because of blitheringly idiotic liberal stupidity.

Do you REALLY want all those lives — perhaps your own life and those of your family — on your conscience all because you were trying to win an election?

“Oh, they’d never do that!”

Oh, really? THEY JUST SHOT DOWN a $222 million Global Hawk, for crying out loud, and all because they want to commit MORE crimes against other nations in those waters without U.S. eyes upon them to provide evidence to the world of their nefarious deeds.

Iran fully EXPECTED the U.S. to launch a strike. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’ve been moving nuclear processing and manufacturing equipment to even newer undisclosed locations than before.

Iran’s attacks on the shipping and our drone is called TERRORISM, people.

Perhaps they attacked the ships and our drone to PROVOKE a U.S. attack so they can justify a world-wide jihad against the U.S. and other Christian nations. Wouldn’t be the first time. It’d be like the thousandth time. Heck, the tactic is in the Quran, so bet on it.

GROW A BRAIN, Bernie Sanders and Mudstream Media.

This is NOT Romper Room. It’s VERY SERIOUS business and your own lies and deceptions will cause FAR more harm than good.

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