Gun Appreciation Day

Today is Gun Appreciation Day, something I firmly believe Ronald Reagan would very much have liked to see.

I am a law-abiding citizen.

I will be wearing my properly-holstered firearm in plane view as I go about my business today.

This is legal not only in my own state, but in 44 of our 50 United States.  Only 15 of those states allowing open carry require a permit.  Colorado does not.

Our Constitution FORBIDS any an all infringements against our right to keep and bear arms.  Our municipal, county, state, federal, and even Presidential legislative and executive bodies are pissing in the wind if they even remotely believe any of their efforts to “keep us safe” will ever stand up in court.

Furthermore, they’re REALLY pissing in the wind if they think their efforts will do ANYTHING to keep us safe.  Sixty-seven years of FBI statistics says the most effective way to reduce crime is to eliminate gun control laws.  Criminals respect the fact if they target honest, law-abiding citizens who’re armed, they stand a good chance of winding up dead.

This fact has been far more effective than all the gun control legislation throughout our entire world.  Many countries have recognized this fact.  Our founding fathers recognized this fact.

Countries who have ignored this fact have implemented gun controls and found their crime rates sky-rocketing (U.K. and Australia).  A few more infamous countries implemented gun registration, then restrictions, and finally firearms confiscation, just prior to their confiscation and extermination (polite word for MURDER) of “dissidents,” which is another word for those of us who’re exercising our First Amendment rights “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

And now, I’ll conclude with my perennial:  Grow a brain.

UPDATE:  Gun appreciation day was a success!  Despite tens of thousands of armed law-abiding citizens marching on their State Capitols, not a single shot was fired!  No one was injured, and no skirmishes broke out.  They didn’t camp out for weeks on end, and reports indicate many folks remained afterwards to “clean up.”  The grounds wound up being cleaner than when protesters supporting our Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms first arrived.