Global Warming is NOT a Threat to Mankind Itself

Clearly, this article reveals a few things:

1. It’s foolish to continue to ascribe anthropogenic global warming as the cause of something that’s happened five times over the last half billion years. “The first two of these — the end of the Ordovician, about 444 million years ago, and the end of the Devonian, about 359 million years ago — occurred at times when diversity appeared to have reached a plateau. Diversity simply bounced back to previous levels after they struck.”

Corollary: Biodiversity itself is not a naturally-occurring “steady state” phenomenon. It changes — dramatically. The key, however, is that it always bounces back. Thus, changes in biodiversity are not in themselves cause for alarm.

2. Clearly, the causes of these events were never a few degrees change in temperature, ergo, global warming is no contender for any mass extinction event: “The physical events causing mass extinctions, whether asteroids, mass volcanism or other physical factors, are so disruptive and have such global consequences that even the most widespread and numerous species can be wiped out.”

3. While never immune to changes in biodiversity, mankind has reached the stage where even simple technology such as the horse-drawn plow and water-powered grain and textile mills have made tremendous advances in our ability to overcome adversity. Given modern technology — the ability to build viable, year-round, self-heated, nutrient and food-producing aquaponics pods in everyone’s backyard, community parks, fields, and nearly everywhere — has rendered the point of a cataclysmic drop in biodiversity resulting in mankind’s extinction largely mute. While there remain Earth-wide events that could result in mankind’s demise, the odds of that are fantastically lower today than they were even 100 years ago.

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