Gifford’s Misstep

Yeah, Mark, you stepped into this one as well (sigh).  Goes with the territory, I suppose.

Headlines:  “Giffords steps into gun debate on anniversary.”  No, I’m not the NRA or some “gun nut.”  I’m just an American, but one who knows both American and World history.

As I’ve said several times before, on various forums including FB and personal e-mails to you both:  I AM SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU.  I’ve shot at myself, in combat.  It’s not fun!

However, gun control is NOT the answer to this problem.  You and I need to sit down and talk, Mark, as you’re not getting it, and neither is Gabby.  If you refuse, would you please stop talking out your ass in violation of the facts (FBI Crime Statistics) which clearly indicate you’re way off target i.e. talking out of your ass?

By the way, an armed civilian was buying food at a store near the shooting.  He was, if I’m not mistaken, the fourth person to sit firm on the perp.  By all accounts, had he been present at the shooting, he would have fired upon the perpetrator and would have saved lives.  As he was carrying his firearm openly, as is my custom and the right of citizens in 44 of our states, his presence may very well have deterred the perpetrator’s act altogether.

And if you think armed civilians pose a threat to innocent bystanders, you are again making a judgement without the facts:

– Armed citizens number around 9,000,000 people.  According to the Bureau of Justice, there are approximately 800,000 armed law enforcement officers in the U.S.

– Armed citizens stop crimes in progress approximately 31% more often than armed law enforcement officers.

– Despite the fact armed citizens outnumber local, county, state, and federal law enforcement officers by a factor of 10, we are EIGHT TIMES less likely to injure or kill innocent bystanders.

In light of the FACTS, I have to ask you:  Really?  You’re a highly trained and experienced astronaut!  Please put your inductive and deductive reasoning skills to use, in light of the FACTS, and come up with a far more rational answer than “more gun control.”

Thank you.

While you’re wearing your thinking caps, please do something about the Kenya-born userper masquerading as a U.S. President:

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