Food Allergies and all the crap we put in our bodies

“…it is thought that eating trigger foods during weaning can lead to a healthy response and prevent the allergy developing, because the gut’s immune system is prepared to tolerate bacteria and foreign substances, such as food.”

Here are my thoughts:

1. Quite possibly the increase in two working parents, or one parent, a working mother, has almost certainly lead to kids increasingly being raised on formula instead of breast milk.
Guess what they use in formula and baby food, which is often fed to kids much too early, when they should be fully nourished on breast milk alone? You guessed it: Food. Pureed carrots, beets, milk by-products, and quite possibly, foods tainted with nuts in the processing phases.

2. I found no mention of any of the following words in any form, much less concepts in the article: Vaccines, vaccinations, immunize, immunizations, GMO, genetically modified, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and organic.
Given what we know of their affects on the human body, it’s highly suspicious that none of these rather blatantly obvious potential contributing causes, if not progenitors, were never mentioned in the article. Is the author errantly assuming they’re “safe?” Are they simply ignorant?
Are they hiding something? Are they intentionally misdirecting us from the most likely cause or causes?

3. Here’s what we DO know: Taking multiple vaccinations at once can be confusing to the body’s immune system. Furthermore, any mildly irritating substances in the body during vaccination can be mistaken as a foreign invader. The body develops an immune system response.

Here’s my recommended solution:

A. If you do vaccinate, limit vaccinations to one innoculation at a time, with a minimum of 3 months between them, better 4 to 6 months.

B. Have your kids fast before the innoculation. Overnight fasting since the evening meal without a bedtime snack should suffice. Nothing in the morning before the vaccination, then limit all foods for the next two weeks — yes, TWO WEEKS — to bland, organic (non-GMO) foods not known to have any allergic effects whatsoever.

C. Avoid all processed and GMO foods, and stick with organics.

No telling how much of a role glyphosate and other man-made chemicals in artificial foods are killing us.

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