EU Stupidity 101: MASSIVE Carbon Footprint for EU Cookie Law (among other things)

The European Union Cookie Law requires people notified of and click on Accept Cookies before the website will load.

While “the majority of United States websites won’t need to comply with any regulations related to the Cookie Law, unless you have a target audience in Europe,” “Compliance with Cookie Law regulations isn’t simple. Many websites that need to comply with Cookie Law will require sitewide code alterations. The website’s code, server, and user’s browser must interact cohesively to prevent cookies from automatically collecting information. In theory, any code or server settings that track user’s behavior and information will need to be reconfigured to comply with the Cookie Law. Authorities have been clear in stating that “…you need to adapt if you want to respect the law.”

THE LAW IS STUPID, for several outstandingly good reasons.

First, in the U.S. alone, people might spend an entire minute’s wort of their day finding the button (it’s design and location is different fore every website) and clicking it.

“Wow! You’re worried about a single minute???”

For me, no. It’s still a pain in the ass, the same as it is for the other 4.33 BILLION Internet users out there. That’s point number two.

Third: Multiplied by 250,000,000 US users, that single minute translates into 4.2 MILLION man-hours of time lost to all Americans across the board.

That’s a LOT of wasted time.

Throughout the world, it’s closer to 72.2 MILLION man-hours.

I thought technology was supposed to make our lives easier???

But it gets worse:

Fourth: Since MOST businesses today do business with customers in the EU, they’ve had to comply, and they’ve raised YOUR prices to pay for the cost, regardless of where you live.

Yes, the EU just increased YOUR cost of living, whether you do business with the EU, live in the EU, or not.

Fifth: WHAT’S THE PURPOSE? To notify people that cookies are being used when nearly all websites throughout the Internet uses cookies? That’s like your car going, DING! twenty times a day requiring your consent to continue using carbon-based fuel, an idea I’m sure Greta would love to implement, so, “Shhh!” Let’s not tell her…

The EU should have been SHOT DOWN by any and all other world governments for this mind-bogglingly STUPID and grossly time-wasting law.

Sixth, and here’s the funny part: Given a mean computing device power usage rate of 125W (0.125 kW), 72.2 million hours of time wasted clicking the damned, “Accept Cookies) buttons, that comes to 9.021 kW-hrs of WASTED power. That’s 1,108 tons of coal. Per day.

Gee… What’s the annual carbon footprint of burning half a million tons (nearly a BILLION pounds) of coal per year?

I’ll bet it’s pretty high up there, and no, burning natural gas, fuel oil, or any other carbon-based fuel isn’t going to give you any significant change in that value.

The carbon footprint of this idea alone is absolutely MONSTROUS.


In light of its MASSIVE carbon footprint, complete and utter lack of rational purpose, increase in consumer prices, the 72.2 million man-hours of human time wasted each and every day around the world, and the fact that it’s just a useless but royal pain in the ass…