Emma González on Why This Generation Needs Gun Control

The blitheringly idiotic liberal rage Huffington Post claims, “Emma Gonzalez is not budging in her fight against gun violence.”

Good! As a concerned parent, neither am I.

The difference between Emma Gonzalez and I, however, is one of experience. I have more. FAR more, especially in the area of securing both facilities and people.

In addition to four years of managing pools, during which pool security, especially after hours, was critical in keeping kids safe, I was also certified as a Level II Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection representative for my unit in the military. But that 40-hour class of boiled-down know-hour condensing perhaps thousands of hours of experience of others, experts in their fields, is nothing compared to the 20 years I spent on active duty where security is always in the back, if not the forefront of people’s minds. I spent several rotations in combat zones, where the enemy is always trying to find ways to kill you. The security measures we used were highly effective, if not vexing to the enemy, an enemy far better equipped and more determined than was the shooter as Emma’s school.

By comparison, Emma Gonzalez’ experience is limited to that of a handful of fire drills, perhaps a couple of other drills, and having been a victim of an active shooter in her school. Terrifying, absolutely. Experience that qualifies her to properly identify the problem and properly respond, however, absolutely not.

For example, her article in Teen Vogue is utterly void of reason and rationality. It is based upon false premises, flat out wrong information, and idealism — how things “should” work — instead of how things actually work. Her ineptitude in the Teen Vogue article is worth an entire and lengthy analysis, which I will do elsewhere and send to my members of Congress, encouraging to steer well clear of the uber-idealistic liberal backing and crafting of all things Emma Gonzalez while opting instead to listen to area/facility/personnel security experts who were unfortunately ignored by most people in Parkland, Florida, including school district supervisors, school officials, and the sheriff’s department.

Put simply, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was wide open to the attack. Fortunately, most high schools around the nation are more secure.

In closing, I would like to highlight the comment mudstream media heralds the most, as it’s a prime example of how grossly they twist reality and distort the facts in order to sell their news, so much so that people like Emma Gonzales wind up saying stupid things like, “Any way you cut it, one of the biggest threats to life as a teen in the U.S. today is being shot.”

That’s not reality. That’s nothing more than media-hyped fear, fanned into flames by powers within this country who abuse journalistic integrity in order to advance their agenda, and they have absolutely no qualms about using, if not abusing, children like Emma Gonzalez in order to achieve their goals, which, quite frankly, have nothing to do with security, but rather, controlling the general populace.

Here’s REALITY:  “The five leading causes of death among teenagers are accidents (unintentional injuries), homicide, suicide, cancer, and heart disease.  Accidents account for nearly one-half of all teenage deaths” (Mortality Among Teenagers Aged 12-19 Years:  United States, 1999-2006.  Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db37.htm)

In FACT, homicides pull a distant third, at just 13%, behind unintentional injury (48%) and other causes/residual (17%).  While this study was completed a decade ago, homicide did not quadruple to become the leading cause of death as Emma Gonzalez wrongly claims.

Leading Causes of Death for Teenages

No, I am not a member of the NRA, or any other gun-advocacy group. I am simple a concerned father who chooses to arm myself with facts instead the blitheringly idiotic idealism of the liberal left.

As a realist, with significant education and training — vastly more than Emma Gonzalez, I am here to tell you that her story in Teen Vogue is so full of holes that anyone who listens to her “advice” is likely to be put in significantly greater risk than if they listen to experts who have been securing facilities and people for millennia.

I will tackle her article in Teen Vogue, later.

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