Do flu vaccines contain dog kidneys and spermicides?

Short answer: No.

This post arose as the result of someone posted a purported conversation between themselves, a flu vaccination stand attendant, and a pharmacist at Walmart, during which the individual claimed they showed the stand attendant, a manager, and the pharmacist that “dog kidney” and “spermicide” were listed in “the manufacturer’s insert for the vaccine.”

Medium Answer: I decided to see for myself and looked up the FDA-mandated manufacturer’s insert for vaccines from the top manufacturers who distribute in the U.S., making up nearly all US flu vaccinations:

“There are a few major makers of the vaccine in the U.S.: Sanofi Pasteur is the largest, supplying a projected 65 million doses or more this year, followed by Australian company CSL, at up to 54 million doses (after acquiring Novartis’s flu vaccine unit in August), and GlaxoSmithKline, at up to 38 million doses” (Tirrell, M. (2015). The $1.6 billion business of flu. CNBC. Retrieved from: )

Here’s the collection of those FDA-mandated inserts for these vaccines:

I found a lot of good information, but do you know what I did not find listed anywhere in the 20-50 page expanded package inserts required to be on file with the FDA?

I did not find any of the following:

  • “dog”
  • “kidney” or “kidneys”
  • “sperm” or “spermicide”

Ergo, I can only conclude the individual was mistaken about the contents, and by deduction, they either fabricated the entire narrative themselves or copied it from someone else.

Moral of the Story: Before heaping praise and lauding accolades on someone for posting a personal narrative that, on the face of it is highly unlikely, double-check the facts.

“Dog kidneys?” “Spermicide?”

Don’t be so gullible, McFly.

PS: Additional research revealed it came from this meme floating around the Internet:

Now, here’s what IS true: Way back in 2014, Novartis developed a way to grow the vaccines without using eggs, to which some people are allergic:

“The vaccine is made without growing the influenza virus in chicken eggs, which is the way that flu shots were made for more than four decades. Instead, Flucelvax is grown in kidney cells from dogs” (Park, A. (2014). This flu shot is not like the others. Health. Time Magazine. Retrieved from: ).

But do the vaccines contain “dog kidneys?” No.

Do they contain “spermicide?” No.

Again, before you say “Ewww!” and go off all half-cocked believe everything you read on the Internet, CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELVES. Go to the FDA’s site where they keep the FULL LENGTH inserts and read them through yourselves.

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