Didn’t learn a damned thing, did you?

I recently watched a very insightful video highlighting the impact of novelty:

No disrespect to Marvin, but he illustrates an outstanding point. He’s obviously quite bright, but his astonished reaction to a marching band is the direct result of a lack of exposure to seeing marching bands do this.

We take such performances for granted. He simply cannot believe it.

Much the same is true of Demoncraps when exposed to anything beyond 100 year old Keynesian economics. They experience disbelief, if not disdain, claiming it’s not possible and falling back on what they know, even though it was among the earliest attempts to systematically explain economics. Obama was a prime example, falling back on Keynesian economics in his speeches several times during his first term.

That’s more or less to be expected, though, as ivy league schools are no different than their corporate counterparts. Rather than innovatively blazing new trails of understanding and though, they are the epitome of “old school,” hence the name. While some scholars from those institutions are indeed blazing ahead, many aren’t.

What really blows Demoncrap minds is when they learn all their “progressivism” isn’t progressive at all. It’s regressive. It’s all been done before, with disastrous consequences throughout the centuries.

Demoncraps would know this if they understood by various forms of government fail than merely believing — quite falsely — that they’ll “somehow” succeed at democracy, socialism and communism despite the fact that all three, along with many more are completely and utterly at odds with the symbiotic requirement between hard work, personal freedom, responsibility to both self and society, and the overall health of that society.

Healthy societies are firing on all eight cylinders. The forms of government sought by Demoncraps are, at best, barely humping along on 5 cylinders, and one of them can’t even keep three cylinders firing for very long before folding.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at North Korea, along with its status on Human Rights Watch, or Venezuela, which “is facing an unprecedented humanitarian emergency with severe shortages of medicine and food that Venezuelan authorities have failed to adequately address.”

Have Demoncraps learned ANYTHING over the last thirty years?

Apparently not: “The accumulation of power in the executive branch that began during the presidency of Hugo Chávez has enabled Venezuelan authorities to intimidate, censor, and punish its critics.”

When Demoncraps couldn’t garner enough support and FRAUD to put Hillary in office, they tried again, this time with a lot more fraud.

What are both Biden and Harris known for? Intimidating, censoring and punishing their critics.

Stupid, STUPID Demoncraps. No wonder so many of them wear rings in their noses.

Updated: December 19, 2020 — 6:11 pm