Demoncrap COVID-19 Scare Tactics vs REALITY

I evaluated the COVID-19 claims made by the Biden task force member in this article: “We are entering this period that I call COVID hell

Any merit? “COVID hell?” Seriously?

NO, thank God

It’s a Demoncrap scare tactic designed to coerce their voter based to REBEL out of FEAR.

Demoncraps are really pulling out all the stops in trying to instigate a Civil War, aren’t they?

Have their been increases in COVID-19 cases? ABSOLUTELY, and new cases in the U.S. are now DOUBLE what they were in July. Fatal cases, however, are occurring at just three-fifths of rate they were during peak fatalities in April in spite of the recent doubling in cases, but even though enough time has elapsed to observe increases in fatality rates.

World, U.S. and Leading Countries
% Difference in all Metrics between 10/20/2020 and 11/14/2020

Naturally, the article includes the VERY SCARY Halloween Monster Green chart of cases.

  • It FAILS to mention anything about the vaccine, no doubt attempting to hide the cure for what ails us. After all, if it mentioned the cure, it wouldn’t be nearly as scary, now, would it?
  • It FAILS to mention anything about the election, no doubt attempting to hide it’s reason for the attack on the minds of the people.
  • It FAILS to mention the fact that the U.S. resolved case mortality rate has remained around 4% for a couple of months, now.
  • It FAILS to mention the fact that our Case Fatality Rate has dropped by nearly 15% in the last three weeks.
  • It DOES, however, mentioned the CAUSE: “people becoming lax about social distancing guidelines and face mask wearing.”

Here’s the part where I cover REALITY:

The fact remains: The United States is still just 3.2627% into this. Specifically, all known and suspected cases to date comprise just 3.3% of the entire U.S. Population. Given the fact that herd immunity requires roughly 60% infection rate, whether by the disease itself or a vaccine, without the vaccine we’re looking at August of 2024 — nearly four years from now — as the date we can hope to be over COVID-19 as a country.

Furthermore, to date a quarter of a million Americans have died. Without a vaccine, total fatalities are projected to range between 823,000 and 1.6 million, with 1.2 million total fatalities as the expected value.

World, U.S. and Selected Countries – COVID-19 Metrics as of 11/14/2020

The Demoncrap article is right about one thing: We absolutely MUST mask up, social distance, and properly sanitize until the vaccine is fully fielded, which will likely not be for another six months.

No, I’m NOT advocating any sort of shutdown. Far from it, as SHUTDOWNS DO NOT WORK.

But please! Do NOT be STUPID, AMERICA!

MASK UP and Save Someone’s Grandma.

Thank you.